“I Didn’t Use Goldie” – Prezzo

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Kenyan rapper and first runner-up in the Big Brother Stargame, Prezzo believes that Africa misunderstood his relationship with Goldie in the Big Brother house, and has made a humble appeal to all to stop pointing accusing fingers at him.

People misunderstood my relationship with Goldie. It wasn’t a strategy on my part to use Goldie for this or that reason. My relation with Goldie was genuine and the break-ups and make-ups we had in the house were also genuine. I think a lot of people, misunderstood that and my humble request is that at the end of the day people should be just be proud of us as Africans, they should be more supportive instead of pointing fingers, we should be united as one.”

The confident rapper made the comment when I spoke to him in a telephone interview from South Africa. He also said although he knew he could win the $300,000 cash prize, he knows it was a competition and it could go any way. “I was confident about winning but in a competition, you win some and you lose some. So for me, ending up in second place wasn’t bad at all. I believe there is a lot more opportunities out there for Prezzo. The best man won so no hard feelings.

On his new role as a One Campaign ambassador, Prezzo was excited and he expects to use his role to help the needy in society. “The One Campaign is a beautiful thing and being an ambassador makes me feel like a winner. As soon I get back home I will learn more about the organization and give it my all in whatever that I can do. I like giving back to the society, so I am excited and I look forward to working with the One Campaign.

Africa can certainly expect more from Prezzo on the music front, as he hopes to spread his career further across the continent. “I think collaboration is the best way to break borders, I am ready to work with different artists from across the globe. The platform we got from Big Brother is very huge so all I have to do as an artist is to spread my wings and fly because I believe I can conquer.

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