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MeetADate Service is a matchmaking and dating service that helps you find your match in love and friendship.  Unlike most online dating services, MeetADate takes a more personal and hands on approach by recommending members to each other based on shared interests and other criteria.“MeetADate does all the work for you. One problem that singles who are ready to date have is finding someone who shares the same interests and is as serious as they are on the issue of dating and love. MeetADate brings together such people and connect them to each other,” said Ms. Mary Ifeanyi who addresses as the Chief Matchmaker of MeetADate.

“What we do is expand your dating network so that you can meet more people beyond your immediate friends. Some people come to me and lament about how long it is they have dated or met someone they have something in common with. The truth is that at a certain point especially when you remain in a particular place for a long time, you exhaust your current dating network. You keep meeting the same people and if you have not developed interest in each other at a certain point there is no way that you can ever do.

What most people do is to leave that place and move away to a new place where they can meet new people and cultivate new friendships. But very few people, especially in these days of the tie-me-down working place, have the opportunity, time or resources to do this. When you join MeetADate, you have the opportunity to keep meeting new people without moving anywhere.”

Apart from matching people, MeetADate organises events where singles can mingle in an atmosphere of friendship.

“We are a secure matchmaking service. We do not share clients’ information with third parties. We screen our members getting enough personal information from them that would lead to prosecution if they are ever found taking advantage of our services in a wrong way as to cause harm to any other of our clients. We do not accept anonymous requests. MeetADate was launched this April and so far we have matched almost 50 couples and we have gotten great feedback from clients,” Ms. Ifeanyi affirmed proudly.

If you are interested in being matched by MeetADate, send an email to requesting for the Personality Form.

“With the Personality Form, we are able to gather information on you including your interest and what you are looking for in a potential date or friend. MeetADate matches not just single yet to be married people but also divorces and any other person looking for that perfect match in love and friendship. We are also on Twitter @meetadate and every Wednesday we organise a #tweetmatch were we put a guy or girl up for auction so to speak. It is fun and we have gotten great reviews on that.”

Addressing sceptics Ms. Ifeanyi says, “All anyone who has doubts needs to do is to try us and see.”



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