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From humble beginnings.. KolaSoul has always had music in his heart. With his intense vocal capabilities and focused energy KolaSoul most certainly belongs in a new league of artists. Having experienced many life- changing events, including losing his mother and father, KolaSoul channeled all his energies into tremendous creative output and some of the best music of his career.

A Marine Engineer and Agronomist graduate from The University of Ibadan, KolaSoul is the youngest in a family of 6. Starting his music career as early as 6 years old; you will typically find him singing in the bathroom, Sitting room, and everywhere in-between. KolaSoul reiterates this , ‘A day wasn’t complete for me if my ears didn’t resonate with music’. Influenced by his late Ghanian Mother’s love for music, he understudied acts such as Luther Vandross, Babyface, Onyeka Onwenu, Neyo, Michael Jackson, Usher, Mary-J-Blige, Justin Timberlake, Green-day, Timberland, R-Kelly.

All grown up now KolaSoul says this about his music “I’ve always have a special connection to music and I am blessed with how it affects my fans especially the females” . This is evident in the brand new hit single “Ajei”; it celebrates the joy of hitting a nightclub after a long workweek, dancing like it’s the last night of your life. Backed by a propulsive beat from the super-producer GRAY JONZ, the high energy selection shows KolaSoul’s ability to create high quality material ready for the dance clubs.
Given the wide range of songs he creates, KolaSoul draws from different sources when writing.

“When I am writing a ballad, I tend to be more introspective,” and when I’m creating a club track I vibe with people that have lots of party energy in high energy environments but regardless ……. I always draw from within that way I’m always true to my fans.”

Working on his debut album under the Alchemist Music brand, KolaSoul is now in his element, making MEGASTAR music. The album is already boasting productions from E-kelly, Del B, OJB Jezreel, and Gray Jonz.

‘We are proud and very delighted at the fact that KolaSoul decided to pitch tents with this record label’ says the spokesperson of the Alchemist music team ‘he is an extraordinary individual who is focused and multi talented’.

KolaSoul performs live and has his own band , ‘it gives me room to express myself in ways that I can only imagine.. can’t explain the feeling.. pure euphoria’ says the R&B crooner.

Alchemist Music is rolling out the canons ………. with KolaSoul , the powerhouse of R&B. Follow KolaSoul on twitter @ kolasoul


  Kola Soul - Ajei (1.8 MiB, 166 hits)



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  1. tune is nice sha ……. i like the guy but the question is? is he single? …… and is he coming to lag cos he has a nice smile

  2. I’m in love o…where is his number abeg..he has a great voice…I like the song…n he is cute..let me rephrase that …he is hot..

  3. i agree with you dammy…he is quite cute….and he can sing o! ah naija don get their own trey am more interested in him being consistent cos if he is..then Nigerian artistes better tighten their belts o..erm kolasoul, if u ever read this..i am officially smitten by u

  4. WOW! i dont think i have heard any thing like this in recent times..the dude is really something. I like his music and he is kinda cute. I hope he stays this way….i listen to Nigerian music a lot n recently have been bored by the same old things but this guy has me rocking to his song Azonto style..i see he has some Ghanian blood in him too…..Ghanian girls would love him…5star music…i’m impressed

  5. He is very different and i like his presentation…not the autotune rubbish ive bn hearing…i like what i see and hear..thumbs up man

  6. I think i have heard of him…he is a very talented artiste. i’m glad he came out now with this..saving us from a lot of loud noise thats been killing our eardrums lately. lol, i think im in

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