Flight 606

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I was dead tired. A 5 hour trip had extended into 12 and I was more than ready to get this over with and curl up into my bed.

We would like to apologize for the delayed departure, Flight 666 to ATL will begin boarding soon….

Thank goodness! I make my way to the boarding counter, have my boarding pass scanned and walk down the walkway into the jet. I steal a quick glance at my boarding pass seat 30A, a window seat. Thank goodness for small mercies, as I find my seat, stow my carryon under the seat infront of me and settle myself into as comfortable a sleeping position as I can manage. I look up and I am met with the most captivating blue eyes I have ever seen.

All thoughts of sleep vanish from my tired eyes as I quickly scan down the body that accompanied those blue eyes.White Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, short Capri pants and beach slippers. Looks like he’s coming off some vacation. To my surprise the body plops itself in the vacant seat next to mine, and my inner goddess is doing cartwheels. I will my tired eyes to stay open as I mentally go through some conversation starters in my head. I had never been too good with striking conversation with strangers, let alone a hot one that had butterflies swirling in my stomach. If this were Kike my room mate I’m sure she’d be chit chatting with him in no time!

” looks like you’re just coming off vacation, how was it? “

” fine” he replied tersely

“so did you go alone or did you have company”

“alone” he replied with a tone of finality.

O well, so much for conversation starters! striking up conversations with strangers wasnt exactly my forte, and it seems like the hunk god had a funky attitude! I manage to stifle a yawn

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard flight 666 to Atlanta. The flight should be pretty smooth most of the way but a storm is moving in our direction, so please keep your seatbelts fastened…”

that was my cue to zone out as I prepared myself for what was shaping up to be a 3 hour bumpy nap!

Hmmm…these airline seats feel a little more comfortable than I remembered them, especially these head rests, have they gotten softer or what? I open my eyes and I’m embarassed to find my head on Mr. Funky attitude’s neck. Hmm he smelt delicious. Davidoff cool water. – I note his aftershave. Seems like he’s got class. For a moment I lie still taking in the situation. Hunk god had his head tilted to support mine as well. From this angle I could make out a little bit of stubble, about a day old. It was all I could do to prevent myself from running my hands down his chin. I could hear his faint breathing, and I knew he was asleep. He sounded so peaceful asleep that I didn’t want to wake him up.

O well…



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