Flight 606 …Part 2

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I had been looking forward to this day forever. Well, when you have been job hunting for a while, 6months begin to feel like forever.  My job interview with Roberts & Associates. Roberts & Associates is the biggest law firm this side of Atlanta, and they rarely had job openings. In fact, they recruited once a year for two positions, I heard they get over 100 applications.

I had passed the knowledge test portion of the interview with flying colors. Easy peasy, the part I was more nervous about was the personal interview. Even though I knew my stuff, I wasn’t too confident about in person interviews. I’m naturally shy and I find it difficult to maintain eye contact. I had messed up several interviews, but I wanted this job badly – I NEEDED this job. I had been preparing for this job Interview for the past two months.

My apartment concierge keeps wondering why I’m staring him down and I had started striking conversation with random strangers trying to practice my eye contact moves on them, I think I’m almost ready to nail this bad boy!

I set out my killer pencil skirt suit. The one that accentuated the little curves I had without looking overly flirtatious. I slipped on my crisp white shirt, rolled on some nude tights and slipped on my black kitten heels.

I moved to the bathroom to carefully apply my very practiced nude look: gold/brown eye shadow, some powder, minimal blush and colored lip gloss. I catch my reflection in the mirror. I’m impressed. That’s half the work there, now if only I can remember to maintain eye contact while answering my questions, I might have a shot after all. I picked up my louboutin briefcase and headed for the door.

Roberts Associates is a 15 minute drive, but I’m not taking chances with rush hour traffic. In 15 minutes, I make it to the door and I’m 10 minutes early. Good! Like my former professor would say, If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late! There were 2 other candidates in the room and by 8am, the 7 remaining candidates had filled the room bringing the total number to 10.

The head of HR came forward and gave us a speech about the company and how the 10 of us were the chosen few out of the 100 that had written the knowledge test 2 months ago. There were going to be two interviewers. She called out the schedule, I would be going last.


But I’m used to it. When you have a last name that’s at the tail end of the alphabet song, you get used to being called out last.The first interview went well. I’m proud of myself. I maintained eye contact throughout. Easy questions though. Now just this last interview, and I think I might have it in the bag! I steal a look at the interviewer’s name.

Femi Roberts, CEO Roberts &Associates.

Not to say I didn’t expect that. I took a deep breath and knocked at the door; “Come in“! I open the door.

O shit!

Hunky god is staring at me from behind the executive desk.



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