Female Students Commit Suicide After Failing WAEC For The 3rd Time

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Two female students have committed suicide in Delta state after realizing that they failed their exams yesterday.

Reportedly, the students committed suicide after checking the recently released results by the West African Examination Council (WAEC). Sources said the girls had written the exams three times without passing Maths and English Language subjects. They had struggled to gain admission into the University in the last few years without success.

The students were found dead in their various rooms after a search was conducted. Youths should learn to prioritize, and put their education before everything else.



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  1. Dear Wana,

    In as much as I appreciate your effort for bringing out such news to the forefront, I sincerely don’t think your last word of advice for the Youth came out well.

    If those Students didn’t put their education at the forefront, dey wouldn’t have been so disappointed to take their own life. I wrote Wassce sevearal times, but got the English subject I have always been waiting for at my 3rd attempt.

    Hence, rather than give such misleading advice, you could have at least kicked against suicide. Failing an exam, doesn’t mean you are dumb or not serious with your studies. Afterall, Exams are not the ultimate and only means of in testing students knowledge and IQ.

    Dear Student and Youths, never take your own life, because only a person who is still alive has hope and can prove his or her self. God is against suicide and so am I. God help and save us all. Amen!

    Best Regards.

  2. I have to say that I agree with ‘Da Wizchap’ the little comment/addition at the very end appears to be out of place. I am very sure that in the recent past you have come across the articles, campaigns, and various projects geared towards the deplorable state of Nigeria’s educational system.
    Please show a little empathy or do not share your personal opinion the next time you decide to share news – it is better to say nothing than to speak foolishly.

  3. I strongly disagree with your last statement,like Da’whizchap said exams do not determine your intelligence especially in Nigeria were you are expected to write down word for word every thing your teacher taught you before you can pass.Most people do not understand how depression works and Nigerian parents do not help matters instead they compound the case.so i strictly advise you to think before you speak.

  4. Its unfortunate. That’s the terrible desperate situation the government. Once they get there they dont care about anybody again, not even the youth. Even after graduating from the university, where is the job?

  5. Its unfortunate. That’s the terrible desperate situation the government has pushed us to. Once they get there they don’t care about anybody again, not even the youth. Even after graduating from the university, where is the job?

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