Coming Soon To Cinemas: HEAVY BEAUTY

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GENRE: An urban adventure, mildly romantic and hilarious

THEME:   Premarital sex.

Teenage pregnancy

Future Ambitions and aspirations

SUBJECT: Eighteen year old beauty pageant contestant.

TOPIC: Teenage contestant, in the middle of peer pressure, moral obligations, social relationships and a career.


·         To examine the crisis of teenage peer pressure.

·         To join the crusade against premarital and unprotected sex

·         To emphasis how decision taking can make or mar ones future.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The whole family

SYNOPSIS:  An eighteen year old girl, who has always had the dream of becoming a beauty queen, finally gets the chance, but her dream is almost truncated by an unexpected and very unwanted pregnancy she is caught between having the baby and going ahead with the pageant

Soundtracks by:



Asa(still in talks)

Lead Character: Israel Samuel as Priye Epelle

Featured Stars

Denrele Edun

Karen Igho


Lepacious Bose

Oyekunle Oluwaremi GUS winner 2010

Director: Stanlee Ohikhuare

Associate Producer: Gbemiga Oladele

Producer: Grace Edwin-Okon

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Heavy beauty can also be viewed on the MTN afrinolly platform



The 6 o"clock man.

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