Coco’s Chronicles: Let’s Call a Spade, a Spade. Rape is Rape

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Hey everyone! The Pussy Struggle series (Part 1, Part 2) ended last week and with the feedback I received from here, twitter, facebook and bbm, it is safe to say that a lot of girls have been through the pussy struggle experience. Some of the stories I heard were funny, some ridiculous and some downright annoying. A friend who struggled but lost the fight in her own experience has asked me to share her story this week. And even though I had some interesting article I wanted to share with y’all, I felt this had to come first. We all have a lesson or more to learn from her experience.

Her name is Amaka.

Amaka had met this guy on facebook and one thing had led to the other and they became friends. Their friendship grew really fast and they became close in a very short while.

“One day he told me to come to Lag. I told him I planned coming to shop but I didn’t have money yet. So he said I should come and that he would host me and give me some money to shop”

This was not a bad offer coming from a “friend”, so Amaka took it. She was prepared to go to Lagos to see the young man.

I didn’t have any reason to doubt him, he seemed harmless. He even collected my bff’s number and constantly spoke to her. He told her he really liked me and wouldn’t mind marrying me. He said he’d support my coming to Lagos by paying some money into her account since she worked in Zenith Lagos”

Amaka liked him for who he portrayed himself to be. He also revealed his background and status to her. According to him, his father was an ex-military man who lived in Magodo and his mother stayed in a different part of Lagos; they had been separated for long he said and he also preferred staying with his mother than his dad. Amaka felt comfortable, a man who delved so deeply into his family background so she could know everything about him had to be real and honest.

Shortly before she left to meet him in Lagos, he called to tell her he had second thoughts about the money he had promised to send and told her he had been duped in the past by girls and asked her to come over first and then get the money. Amaka agreed.

The next morning before I left, he told me that his cousin had an accident with his Honda baby boy and that he would be picking me up with his mom’s car.”

When Amaka got to the park in Lagos, she noticed that the car her friend came in was slightly different from what he had promised to bring and with a learner sign on it, but she didn’t bother. What was strange though was that he told her a story she was not prepared for.

He told me immediately I entered his car that he had been married before…”


“And that his wife cheated on him with his best friend while she was running her Masters degree in the UK. He said he went visiting twice and caught her the second time. According to him, he ended the marriage right there and then”

How convenient right? Amaka should have taken a cue from that.

“Immediately we left the park, he told me his cousin’s phone was snatched by thugs in one area and that he had to rescue his cousin, his cousin’s friend and the phone”

Amaka’s friend wasn’t only a liar but a James Bond I mean who went to a ghetto to “rescue” a phone from area thugs?!

After the great rescue, they headed to a bar. One thing Amaka noticed though was that his friends came one after the other to look at her in a strange way. If only she knew what was coming up. They headed to his place after.

After he had told me to get comfortable, he suddenly raised an alarm that his 400dollars had been stolen”

*rasied eyebrow* is all I can say at this point.

“He told me it must have been the area thugs and that he would get them arrested by morning”

That night, the guy forced himself on Amaka and raped her. He immediately got on his knees and begged.

By morning, Amaka was prepared to leave but her friend had left the house, to supposedly “chase” the people who stole his 400dollars. You all will agree with me that this guy has got to be some undercover agent of his own class right? When he returned, he persuaded her to wait till the next day, so his cousin would take her shopping with the 400 dollars. Amaka once again trusted and was raped that night.

Amaka decided to leave the next morning regardless, he told her his mother’s car wasn’t around and they would have to use bike. Amaka turned down the offer and decided to leave on her own. He then borrowed her phone to make a call, claiming he would give her 35k and tell the person(he had called) to meet her at her best friend’s. The person would take her shopping with his Honda baby boy according to him. He also told her she was a strong woman because he had tried to do something that didn’t work. Let’s not imagine what “something” might have been!

When she was halfway, he called to confirm if she was at her best friend’s, her response was No, after which he hung up. Amaka tried his number when she got to her destination but she never heard from him again. She called the other person he had borrowed her phone to call and all she got from the caller was an incoherent response.

It has been a year, but this still haunts Amaka.

Ladies, please let us be safe. Amaka was lucky but the late Cynthia that passed away in the hands of her Facebook friends a few weeks ago wasn’t. Be sure of that “friend” before you pass the night all alone at his.

The girls and I would be back next week with more juicy gists! *wink*



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  1. Yea, rape is rape – no other name for it!
    I just read your ‘pussy struggles’ series as well. While I can relate, not all guys will engage a girl in the struggle though. Some of us are not that animalistic – I should even share a story with you.
    Ladies have to be careful and weigh in all options before any venture.

  2. You call this Rape?Really?why did she go to lagos? Why did she stay the second night?she wanted MONEY!!!Amaka is a SLUT…kudos to d nigga mehn..Bad sharp Guy..

  3. Let’s call a spade a spade, Amaka is a hoe. RAPE! Really? If you want to go shopping, hang out et al on a dude’s bill and not give up the pussy let the dude be your father. If she was indeed raped the first night she would not have stayed the next day not to mentioned another night. She wanted the 400 dollars and I’m sure she’s bitter cos the guy didn’t give her a dime.
    Kudos to the guy he got laid twice without paying a penny. #realG

  4. Amaka!Amaka!!Amaka!!! U sef u no dey try! Persin chop you two times without blabbing? SMH. That bros too dey tok story sef! He didn’t play it sleek @ all…in all, I agree with COCO. Rape is rape. She only forgot to say ‘even if u presented yourself as gullible’ still, gullibility is no excuse for animalistic behaviours.


  6. @MAN “If she was indeed raped the first night she would not have stayed the next day not to mentioned another night” *MENTION not MENTIONED*… At least speak good english if u insist on thinking like an animal….

  7. Amaka knew he wanted sex before she left her sch and ws hoping to get paid for it…let’s call a spade a spade, IF YOU FUCK FOR DOE, THEN YOU’Z A HOE…The guy stays with his mum right?why didn’t she scream?why did she stay the second night?The guy is not an animal..Let’s b honest he played her because she was greedy..

  8. @kenshi you are right I need to learn proper english. Did he beat her up? If she was willing to travel for the money surely it is not beyond reason to assume she was willing to have sex for it. She even tried calling him after she left. Sounds like sour grapes, she’s a lot more bothered about not getting the money than the aledged “rape”

  9. Ur frnd amaka was raped twice in the same house by the same person on different days and u call that rape? Maybe its rape coz she didn’t get the money he promised her, naah i think i’ll term it “shop-lifting”… Not paying for a good/service! Let’s call a spade a spade, ur friend amaka wasn’t raped!

  10. Lol errm, as much as I’m against rape and stuff…I think Amaka is to be blamed for whatever happened to her after the first night at his place. Come on.. After what he did to her she still stayed over and got raped again, that is not smart, no police or court will consider her case a case sef. As a girl, I pity her though…I hope she grows enough skin to get over it.

  11. Nah watin she dey find she see but she no see am finish and that was the $400. Why she no tell the guy make hin travel come see am sef if he likes her so much. And why must see mention she wanted to travel down to come do shopping sef, osofree. If nah rape, nah thaþ day early momo she go travel comot. She like the free dick ni, haha.

  12. Nah watin she dey find she see but she no see am finish and that was the $400. Why she no tell the guy make hin travel come see am sef if he likes her so much. And why must see mention she wanted to travel down to come do shopping sef, osofree. If nah rape, nah that day early momo she go travel comot. She like the free dick ni, haha.

  13. this Amaka gurl is dumb haba from the story he told her frm the park till dey got to his house is already a warning signs buh she still fell for his crap. For oda girls pls wen u are going to see any guy at all don’t Effin depend on dem av something else to fall back on incase of stupid emergency like dis one.

  14. Looks like Amaka just landed from planet Mars where she was baptized in cosmic rays cos I don’t understand why a ‘senseful’ earth dweller will fall for such. Rape my foot. Mtchew

  15. Amaka wasn’t raped,she trusted too much and wasn’t smart cos I dnt see why she couldn’t stay at her best friend’s place,meet the guy first,den decide if she really wanted to go into the relationship. Its sad but most girls still fall 4 dis crap. Learn the lesson.

  16. the girl is stupid as is defined in the dictionary, what was wrong with staying at her friend’s the first night to at least check for loop holes.

  17. hmmmm… amaka is a wide eyed, trusting innocent! bollocks abeg! and for the love of God, let nobody say she didn’t leave after the 1st night cos she had bn bewitched! There’s no need to go into the guys own case, he’s a sicko and he sure played her for a foolish fool! I am so enraged cos she stayed the second night!! the second night!! jeez!!
    If only we would obey that old fashioned mantra “don’t talk to strangers” or people you haven’t had face to face relations with over the period of a year, life would be a lot simpler! daft lot!!

  18. Abeg dis is not rape jorh! She wey waka go lagos 4 shoppin wethin she go find? Did she expect 2 get d money without offering sumfin in return? She be professional ashy and she got played by a playa

  19. It’s wrong to put 100% blame on the guys,not like I’m in support of the guys animalistic behaviour tho. I think at one point or the other we girls always make the mistake of seeing guys as “maga” or smn like dat. Av had ma gurlfrends share similar stories and av ad my experience too. There’s dis Yoruba adage dat says “oun ti o ba ni je ,ma fi run mu”. There is a lot wrong in going to a guy’s house really.if u really think it isn’t wrong why not tell ur boyfriend that u want to spend a nyt at ur male friend’s place and watch his reaction. I’m a girl and I av made such mistakes and I’ll admit that 90% if not more of the blame shld ve aportioned to d girls.

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