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Hello hello hello! We’re back with another feature of Closet Confidential. Today’s feature centres on plus size fashionista Tobi Ogundipe who has an appetite for fashion and great style.

Tobi has a zest for life and for pieces that accentuate her curves. Not one to shy away from being the centre of attention, she always aims to make a fashion statement with accessories, statement jewellery and eyechatching purses.

Tobi teams a white and black stripped crop top with a leopard maxi skirt for a modern day gypsy feel.

Her John Lennon inspired glasses give her outfit a 70s vibe.

1. Looks you are into this summer.

I really love the retro vintage look, color blocking, and i’m doing a lot of  sun dresses with floral prints this summer. I also love the office casual look which is pretty much blazer inspired.

2. Looks that always work for you.

I’m always sure that if i go with a pair of colorful skinny jeans, a nice camisole, a long blazer, a nice bag and killer heels i would never miss the mark. Its one of my go to looks and i’m so comfortable in this look. Its classy, young and fun. Another go to look of mine is  wearing skater dresses. I always wear them with a belt to enhance my waistline, nice colorful sandals, a bag and my sunglasses and i’m good to go.

3. Your fave trend this season.

The trend really working for me right now would be the whole neon trend, i absolutely adore neon and i get excited when im trying to style or put together an outfit that incorporates one of my neon pieces. I also love leopard prints, pastel colors, black and white vertical stripes and peplum outfits.

4. Any challenges you face dressing up your curvy physique.

Wow! So hard to find clothes that fit me!!!! Its really depressing because I can be walking past a store and see a lovely dress on a mannequin and when i get in to check for my size, i find that the store only carries small sizes. It’s also a big challenge to find clothes that cover up my chest area modestly because i am very endowed in that department (lol). It’s also a challenge because there are some looks that i really love such as the whole bralet look that is so trendy right now but i can’t try it out or pull it off because i am  a curvier girl. Despite all these things though i try my best to look nice at every opportunity i get.

5. Your favorite clothing items, jewelry, beauty and hair products and your wardrobe tricks.

I love my blazers, my colored pants, my floral items, my gold rosary, my shoes, my sunglasses, my swarovski crystal earring, olive oil edge control.  As for the wardrobe trick question,I wouldn’t necessarily call it a  trick but i always wear spanx. It’s essential to put all the goodies in place. haha

Peplum blouses are very chic right now. She puts a twits on this trend by pairing a sweet pink peplum top with sheer tights and pumps.

Khaki pants are back in fashion and Tobi shows us a stylish way to wear them with a lime green blazer.



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