Dhamani’s Mused Minds: Car-Stray-Tion

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Never you judge a book by its cover…. My story:

“I’m going to be late for work!” Grabbed my suit jacket, my folder, my bag and make-up purse. Wait! The air conditioner! Dropped everything on the couch and turned off the AC. My side lamp was still on, switched it off. Checked if the gas was on, No. Any windows open? No. Grabbed everything on the couch and hurried into the car.

Good thing the road to my office isn’t always busy, yet I had been late to work yesterday. I know my boss was really mad at me but he didn’t show it. How would he? He’s the type that mixes work with sentiments, poor him! After all, every other day after the long day’s work, I always report to his office and we do what nobody should know  … But that’s the life of a fairy tale. How long would this go on? I need that man I’d run to at night after a stressful day at work…. not some old man sucking belle under suit.


I pulled over to apply my make up and then wore my suit jacket. Office was just 20 minutes away. I’m the envy of the office, I know this, but sometimes I wish it weren’t so. On the other hand I need this job badly so I have to take whatever is thrown in my face… when would things change? Even when…

“Oh gracious heavens! How could I forget?” I reversed the car immediately and headed for Ikeja. Damn! that’s some long journey! Totally forgot I had to take the certificate of occupancy to the man buying our land in Ogba. I got to his office, handed the document to the secretary and headed back for work. I drove so fast it felt like the road was running after me. I got to a sharp bend and poooow! My tyre was gone!

I was able to hit the brakes quick enough. My goodness! I almost saw my life vanish right before me. I bowed my head on the steering for a while till a car drove by.

“Hello ma! Are you ok?”

“Not exa… ctly” His smile was something else! Was this supposed to be my prince charming coming to save me? I had almost forgot I just narrowly escaped an accident. He hurriedly talked to his partner as he came down from the passengers’ seat.

“Jamal you can go on to the office, let me assist the young lady”

My smile was so wide! How did this fine dude end up on this road?  He was so cute! You rarely get handsome guys like this come your way! He couldn’t be Nigerian.

“So what’s the problem? Oh I see you have a flat tyre!”
“Oh yes I do! Seems like it got punctured”
“It sure did! What’s that smoke from the bonnet?”
“I don’t see anything” I said confused
“Ok open the bonnet still”

We opened the bonnet and he checked the oil gauge. He said it wasn’t looking too good. He touched some other things and said it wasn’t just the tyre that got punctured, he said some connection in the battery had sparked and blah blah… I swear I was confused. He seemed too nice to have been telling me what he wasn’t sure of. He said so much, it would take another 50 years of my life to understand.

“We definitely need help” he said calmly
“How do we do that?”
“Let me call a friend. His shop is around the corner, he’s a vulcanizer”
“Oh good!”
“I can handle the problem in the bonnet, I specialize in this. You should always have a spare tyre you know”
“Been too busy” I grunted… forget about the tyre! How did you get so handsome?
“Too busy isn’t… his number isn’t going through”
“Oh my Gosh! What am I going to do?”
“His shop is just down the road, if you don’t mind walking down while I fix this little problem”
“Oh great!”
“You can take your bag with you”

I looked at him again, how humble! I was sure going to get this dude! I picked my bag and phones. Not because I didn’t trust him, but just to fulfill all righteousness. I kept walking down the road looking for a shop I sure didnt see while coming. After walking down for close to 7 minutes, I gave up.  I started walking back to the car, 15 minutes was a long while to stay away from that cute face. Coming closer to where my car was, I saw the car drive off.

“Jesu! My car! Ole! Ole!”

Who was I fooling? There was nobody around here to hear me scream. The tyre was flat! How did he drive off? I hurried back to the spot where the car was, behold! I saw tyre tracks. It had been rolled from under a tree! Why didn’t I see it? Oh my God! The bastard even unscrewed my number plate!

“Hello! Hello! Mr Davies! My car has just been stolen!”

Your call credit has been exhausted, and your call… terminated.

Written by  Dhamani



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