Beazy Is No Counterfeit

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There’s progression with Beazy’s career. We remember his dare-days, spinning songs every Monday for a year for our online pleasure; and when he hit mainstream boulevard he stuck with the consistency of one who wanted to make good impression, trying hard enough to give his fans something to nod to every other season.

“In the Mood”- the one he released a few months earlier – is a good song but it didn’t climb the charts, maybe because the rapper is too impatient to see how a song can grow on people. Before we could say, “good job”, he was out with two more songs – ‘Counterfeit’ and ‘Go down Low’.

Now to be honest, I am tired of songs with clichés like – swag, champagne, moet, clubbing, booty call, and Go down low. HipHop needs a new dictionary – too many re-cycled words and phrases.

To the two new songs, I like ‘Counterfeit’ better. Chykay works some melody into the beat and Beazy is as laid-back as he usually is with a nice pitch to his voice that works well for the ladies. He is not a lyrical god in anyway, but in an era where Nas is featuring as a love-bird beside peacock lady – Nicki Minaj; and Soulja Boy is gracing credible media and representing the game as a true talent, Beazy does have a good spot at success.

He says he is no counterfeit, we believe that. And there’s no argument to the fact that he does try to make his songs as fresh and appealing as possible. But what about competition? It seems everyone to a large extent is just driving a ‘solo cruise’, there’s no competition in the game anymore, and so artistes get comfortable giving their ‘best’; except their best is just few notches higher than average.
The song, “Go down Low” is not one of my favourite Beazy songs. It starts with the title that I am not a fan of (google the title and see how many “lows” you get!) and doesn’t hit any nerve inside of me.

But the rapper keeps a steady growth. He is not breaking hits and climbing charts because really that’s not how it usually happens. He is not MI who puts the whole city on pause when he dropped his first work (do you guys remember that period? It was mad!). We need more earth-shaking events in HipHop though and not just regular songs – and I speak to every artiste!

I still would pick “In the Mood” for the beat. I don’t like the rap, reminded me so much of Ice Prince’s “oleku” rap – very elementary. But I hear that is what the girls like (don’t go making them chew on their weaves with cerebral lines now!) For what it’s worth, if Beazy does drop an album I’ll pick it up because his hustle is genuine and his game is no counterfeit.

 – Seyi Dee



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