As Kirsten Stewart Enters Depression, Experts Voice Solutions

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Kristen Stewart is so down in the dumps after her cheating scandal that she’s not showering, washing her hair or changing her clothes, according to a new report. Her loved ones need to help her now — here’s how.

If there was ever a time when Kristen Stewart needed unconditional love from her family and close friends, it’s now!

If she’s not even caring enough about herself to wash or change her clothes, she’s in a serious depressive state, multiple experts tell exclusively.

“Kristen Stewart needs help, she’s in a freefall,” says relationship expert and family therapist Dr. Phil Dembo. “She has destroyed all that matters to her. She needs counseling or therapy to look at several important issues.”

Poor Kristen, who is reportedly hiding out in the home of Giovanni Agnelli, her producer from Welcome to the Rileys. Kristen can’t even be at home under the loving care of her parents, because she doesn’t want paparazzi to invade the privacy of her family, a source close to the actress confides exclusively to In her time of great need, she’s actually being incredibly selfless toward her family.

Meanwhile, Kristen is undoubtedly trying to cope with a huge list of negative emotions.

“She might feel worthless, debilitated, paralyzed, angry and have an overwhelming feeling of loss,” explains therapist Dr. Robi Ludwig. “Plus, in addition to feeling like the outside world is punishing her for cheating, she’s also self-punishing by not taking care of herself.”

Self-punishing — that makes sense. She’s angry at herself for cheating on Rob, the man she loved, and also for conducting her affair in public where it could be discovered in a way that would be particularly humiliating to him, point out the experts.

Kristen is also grieving for several reasons, points out Dr. Ludwig. She’s grieving the loss of her relationship with Robert Pattinson, who she still loves. She’s also grieving the loss of her public identity as part of this highly regarded, long-term couple.

“She’s wondering if she’s still lovable. Will anyone ever love her again, she wonders,” believes Dr. Ludwig.

“Kristen needs to be in heavy-duty therapy so she can uncover why she cheated on Rob — why she was fearful of the relationship?” psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle of tells “Clearly she was fearful about something in the relationship. She could very well love Rob and have tremendous feelings for him but she needs to understand why she couldn’t sustain her relationship. What she did was very self-destructive, so she needs to understand it.”

The thing is that the experts say Kristen may not be ready to open up to a therapist yet. It may take some time until she can calm down and be introspective.

“It will be painful for her to open her wounds, but it’s the only way she can ultimately get through it,” insists Dr. Gilda, the 30-second therapist of

So what can Kristen’s loved ones do to help her through this traumatic time aside from suggesting she start therapy?

Be there to listen… A LOT, the experts advise. “She needs to cry her heart out to a helpful ear. Listening is the most beautiful thing you can do, and don’t judge her,” explains Dr. Gilda.

Most likely Kristen will cry and cry and cry for now, but that’s normal and healthy.

Kristen is going to have to come to terms with the fact that Rob may not be ready to get re-involved with her. She can’t control how he feels or what he does.

She needs to get to a point where she can take control over what she can control and that’s figuring out why she cheated and what she’d like to do next with her life.

All the experts agree that it’s most important for Kristen to figure out who she is and what she really wants so she can learn from this experience and grow.

So if Kristen is your friend or you have someone close to you going through a similar crisis, you need to tell them they can get through this, and WILL get through this but it will take time.

Hang in there Kristen!




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