360Chats With JPX As He Gets ready To Perform At #OneMicNaija August Edition.

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#OneMicNaija #AugustBreak holds on Sunday next week!
The anticipation is building and the performers start earnest rehearsals tomorrow!

JPX sat with us briefly to talk about his name, and the One Mic Naija show.

1. What influences your style of music

Music is inbuilt and runs in the blood, i was born into it and i have learnt alot from my father coupled with my nature and the kind of music i have been exposed to, from Jazz to POP and any kind of genre you can think of.

2. How challenging has the journey been and what two things have helped you face different challenges in the industry?

Combining school and music have been a bit challenging, but a good management team (MOVIBEZ) and my will to succeed have been the two things that has helped me overcome the challenges.

3. What has your impression been so far?

With the calibre of performers who feature at the event, i consider myself privileged and ready to be part of it.

4. It’s an interesting line up for #OneMicAug; whose set are you most excited about seeing and which of the performers are you looking forward to working with?

I believe the artistes to be featured in #OneMicAug are great talents and i am looking forward to seeing their performances. Flowssick with the monster hit “lowkey” would be one artiste i would like to work with.

5. Will this be your first live performance? What do you love most about live performances?

No, this is not my first live performance; interestingly i constantly work with a band day in day out for general rehearsals and music development. It has become second nature. I like the fact that there is “freedom of expression” and it exposes the dexterity of the artiste.

6.  What do you plan to bring to the #OneMicAug stage that would be unique and make a lasting impression

The “WOW” factor. Would rather not spill it out yet but trust me, it will be worth the wait and every penny.

7. JPX is an interesting stage name. Can you tell us a bit about that?

“Joshua Praiz Xpression” is all about Joshua expressing himself.

Joshua Praiz Xpressions says this isn’t his first live performance. It would however be interesting to see what makes this performance unique!

JPX joins Adol, Bibi, Christine, Ese Peters, Flowsick and Victor on Sunday at #OneMicNaija #AugustBreak

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