360chats With Flowsickk As He Prepares To Perform Live at #OneMicNaija

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As is tradition when #OneMicNaija comes around, we like to chat with the performers.
Today, we sit with Flowsickk
What influences your style of music

Well I’m all about good music so I try to put all my emotions into every thing I do in the studio so that people would be able connect with me

2. How challenging has the journey been and what two things have helped you face different challenges in the industry?

It has been very challenging but I thank the Lord for everything because without God I won’t be where I am today and I also thank those around me who have helped keep my feet firmly on the ground

3. What’s your impression about #OneMicNaija?

I have  been very impressed and eager to perform

4. It’s an interesting line up for #OneMicNaijaAug; whose set are you most excited about seeing and which of the performers are you looking forward to working with

I’m really excited about seeing everyone but I’m most excited about myself because I would be performing live for the first time,I would love to work with christine

5. Will this be your first live performance? What do you love most about live performances?

Yes, performing at onemicnaija would be my first live performance, whenever I watch live performances,I love the energy from the band,the fact that its live,it connects with your soul

6.  What do you plan to bring to the #OneMicNaijaAug stage that would be unique and make a lasting impression

I just want to be myself and do me, I’m very certain people would love it

7. What would you say is the most significant factor in your rise to stardom so far?

First of all… God coupled with hardwork, discipline, determination and talent

Okay then, it’s time to see Flowsickk perform live for the first time ever!



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