360Chats with Christine As She Prepares To Perform At #OneMicNaija

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#OneMicNaija holds it’s A B C’s on August 26th at GET Arena!

As is tradition, 360 Nobs will be counting down to the event with interviews with each performer.

Today, we start of with a ‘C’, the lovely Christine!

1. What influences your style of music

 My faith, my upbringing, my life and that of others and the various kinds of music I listen to

2. How challenging has the journey been and what two things have helped you face different challenges in the industry?

Very challenging but there is no prize or victory without challenges. My parents and brothers and sister have been a huge encouragement spiritually, morally and most especially financially. The challenge I have is not being able to give back enough gratitude as I would like for their love and support.

3. Have you ever attended a One Mic Naija event and what has been your impression so far?

No, Unfortunately I haven’t but I am really excited to the August edition where I’ll be performing. I hear it has a large following and it’s an honour to be a part of this movement.

4. It’s an interesting line up for #OneMicAug; whose set are you most excited about seeing and which of the performers are you looking forward to working with

i have heard so much about Adol, so I am looking forward to watching his performance and that of Bibi’s as well.

5. Will this be your first live performance? What do you love most about live performances?

O no. I perform mostly live sets. I love live performances because of the ambiance generated between the audience and the band and the consequent synergy this produces (usually nice and memorable)

6.  What do you plan to bring to the #OneMicAug stage that would be unique and make a lasting impression

I have been thinking about it. I don’t want to do anything u’ve heard or seen me do before. That could be a good thing ….Yes, I will bring the best performance u’ve seen any female vocalist in Africa bring so far at GET Arena August 26th 🙂

7. How well did Life under Construction (debut album) fare and do you have any immediate plans to release an album?

Life under construction did as well as the promotions I gave it allowed it to. It is still available for purchase online but the 2000 limited edition hard copies have all been sold out.

She’s a seasoned live performer but sounds will the #OneMicNaija band create? You can only find out on Sunday Aug 26th at GET Arena!

P.S, find Kunle Bello a co-host for #OneMicAug. Tweet #OneMicCoHost with your vote!



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