360Chats With BIBI As She Prepares To Storm #OneMicNaija

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We’ve already heard from Christine, Flowssick and JPX and the performers are still telling us what to expect on Sunday.

Here BIBI speaks with us about music, #OneMicNaija and more

What influences your style of music?

1.    My style of music is influenced a lot by our everyday life, the things we see and sometimes the ones we don’t. I am also influenced by music trends and the people I look up to. 

What’s your journey in the industry been like so far and has it been challenging?

2.    Well, I started this journey officially in a competition, so yes it has been full of challenges. Following my participation at the first ever Nigerian Idol, it has been rather challenging to record and promote my music all on my own. But in spite of everything, I believe so much in myself; I am a goal getter and I know that this is just a phase that will pass. 

Which of your fellow artistes are you most excited about seeing live and possibly working with?

3.    Actually I’m excited about all the artistes and if given a chance I will love to work with each and every one of them.

Is this your first live performance? What do you like most about live performances?

4.    No, this isn’t going to be my first live performance. Since the Nigerian Idol, I have gone on to perform at several shows with a live band. I love live performances because it gives me the freedom to express my self vocally.

What’s that thing you’re bringing to the stage that will stand you out?

5.    I plan to bring BIBI to the One Mic Naija stage…someone with a fresh sound, beautiful and very entertaining. 

Let’s know some of your plans

6.    My plan is to work very hard day and night till I become a music icon that everyone loves and others artistes want to associate with. Yes I have recorded several songs and will be performing 2 of them at One Mic Naija. I don’t have a video yet and I hope to work with some of the artistes I will be performing with at One Mic Naija ☺

She’s young! She’s fresh! And she’s ready!
Don’t forget, BIBI will be performing live alongside Adol, Christine, Ese Peters, Flowssick, JPX and Victor at #OneMicNaija #AugustBreak

Sunday 26th

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