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Tolulope Ojo and Nnamdi Okeke  tied the knot beautifully on June 9, 2012 in The Apostolic Church, Mushin Head Quarters, Ilasamaja, Lagos. The reception followed at the Balmoral Hall, Ikeja.

This is their wedding story!

Her Story
I met Nnamdi through a mutual friend in 2002 while we were all students at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos.


Unlike most relationships, it wasn’t love at first sight. I accompanied him and our mutual friend on one outing and we both soon became closer friends as days went by.

At a time when survival as a medical student was crucial, we found a way to overcome challenges together as friends.

After about 4 years in 2006, we both decided to give dating a try putting into consideration our strong friendship, bond and desire to always be around each other.

I believe we both made the right decision as I do not see myself with anyone other than my best friend, Nnamdi.

His Story
I met Tolu on a certain lazy day after school in 2002. I went to check up a friend at the female hostel on campus; there I met her in my friend’s room.

We both decided to go out for an ice cream treat and Tolu tagged along. During the trip I found her very interesting and intellectual. This made me more interested in getting to know more of her.

We started to hang out very often within the campus and outside, shared and resolved problems together.

We even played pranks on people together but through all of these, we remained just friends until 2006 when I decided it was time to have a serious conversation with her about taking our friendship to the next level.

I am glad we took that step because she makes me very happy and definitely my true love.

photography by Spicy Imagery and Dare Koleaje for 360d Fotography




Traditional Marriage (June 2, 2012)




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