@toptosyn’s 7 Days:…The Present is a Gift

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Aramide is one of my favourite soul singers and so even though malaria had found my address (and pin) yet again, i was determined to see her live at ‘’Dipo and His Women’’ which also had Ruby and Ranti performing. I got to meet @MsLolaMarcus who has been my twitter buddy for a while. She’s like funkier and nicer in person! Yaaaay!

ranti at dipo and his women rehearsals

cobhams at ‘dipo and his women’

Don’t you just half-dread meeting cool twitter people because you are like, what if they do not look or feel anything like their tweets?

So when it’s even better, i am always excited.

Aramide was fabulous as always, performing ‘’nobody’’ and ‘’it’s over’’ and i caught a clip of one of the performances.



Remember malaria? It remembered me. Bad!

I got through work, tried to fight it (with willpower), lost valiantly and whimpered my way to my hospital where like i had hoped, i was placed on a three-day jab routine as opposed to being weighed down with drugs.

Sometimes i can handle prescription meds. But i figured a jab a day would keep the malaria at bay. So what if i couldn’t sit properly for a week? Much better than throwing up after every meal because even the smell of the pill made me nauseous!



The bridge (Third Mainland that is), was meant to have been partially closed for repairs by now but for some reason, we were told repairs had been postponed.

And somehow, the traffic in Lagos magically disappeared from Third Mainland Bridge.

I have to ask though, who are all the people on the bridge and where are they going exactly?

On Tuesday, Clay, Coldflames and i were some of those people and we were heading to the Spinlet office to learn more about their services and possibly sign up. I was going as Tosyn Bucknor and CON.tra.diction.

Who is CON.tra.diction?


(shameless plug)

Anyhoo, the meeting at Spinlet went very well. I also bumped into General Pype who now has a new single out. Pype is good people!


Someone else you should support is Tunedey. He is one of the Open Mic winners at One Mic and he released his COldflames-produced single on his birthday! Today!

I like it, check it out!


By Wednesday, i was in that lovely place where you’re about to get your last jab so you are happy but you are still pretty weak!

Wednesday was mostly devoted to being online and being asleep.

While i was online, i drummed up support for something we now call #TwitterMovieCollaboration.

The idea is to shoot a movie (or movies) with everything we need coming from twitter. Everything in terms of the talent, the funding, the equipment, everything!

Stay updated by checking the hashtag #TwitterMovieCollaboration and following on twitter @TMCollaboration


It is always nice when i get the chance to speak with not one, but two people on my show so when Rogba was able to book me Phenom AND iYe, i was stoked!Iye is just an amazing singer and i am so glad she is signed to Knighthouse and flying high! Phenom is rap’s next big thing. There is something about him. And in this world where everyone raps, sings or draws, what you need is – ‘something’.

I got them to act out a scene like Indians and it turned out to be laugh out loud funny!

Rogba is special!

I am just saying!


Clay, one of my favourite rock artistes, had a performance at Unilag and as always, she amazed me! #TeamClay… All Day!


I spent Friday after work with my Top Radio OAP family. We like chilling out together regularly. Talk about work, what everyone is up to, what’s new. What’s new by the way is the Naija Rocks concert and those of you who listen to Kore Brown in the evenings will know that show already. Now imagine it bigger and live? Awesomeness!

Follow @KoreBrown for more information.

I spent the rest of my Friday with abisona’s Chris Hemsworth watching ‘’Modern Family’’ and ‘’Coming to America’’.


On Saturday i got new shoesssssssss!

*Does the new shoes dance*

*Realises she is scaring more than a few people*


*Or does she?*

Anyhoo! I went for the Lagos Mega Shoe Sale and had to be physically restrained from buying every shoe i liked. In the end, i went for flats (I must do better! I should invest in heels).

Forgive me, i love flats. I am happiest when i wear a pair of jeans, a nice teeshirt and nice shoes.


I read somewhere that it is only when we fall ill that we appreciate being well. How true.

Malaria is serious and we are not giving it enough attention at this point. Please find out what you can do to prevent malaria today

(Nets, Insecticides, Keeping your surroundings clean, etc).

And remember, everyday is a gift, that is why it is called ‘present’.


Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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