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I planned for a quiet Sunday

Big mistake.

By 12pm, i literally felt like climbing out of my skin!

When did it become impossible to rest, take a day off or just enjoy the weekend?

Add to that the fact that the internet kept acting up so i couldn’t even get anything done online. Boy was i glad when night time came cos it meant Monday was almost here!


As if to make up for my listless Sunday, Monday was so full of energy! I felt very productive and got so many things done. Even finally sent in my #SevenDays column which i couldn’t do earlier.

It was #PoetryMonday on the show and abisona.com and Nikki Laoye was live in the studio to recite her poem, ‘’Waiting’’

Here’s a clip,


We also planned to shoot a video with Nodash on Thursday for CON.tra.diction so i spent time making plans. We had to get cast, style and other things ready so that meant meetings and conversations.

A friend of mine released his new single. It’s ‘’Everyday Girl’’ and was produced by E Kelly.

Here’s a download link- Phizzle  https://t.co/DY3u1AGN


I try to avoid banks on Mondays but seems going on a Tuesday wasn’t any easier either. I went in to one bank at 1pm and came out at 3pm. No jokes.

Between queues and different desks for different transactions, and changing policies, it was a financial musical chairs session. I know we claim it’s cashless Lagos, but we are a long way off!

I barely made it for the 3.20pm showing of ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ at the cinema but thankfully (?) even though they said 3.20pm, they wouldn’t let us in till about 3.45pm.

‘The Amazing Spiderman’.

First off, what was so wrong with the previous ones that they had to have another interpretation of the comic?

Secondly, i tried to explain to @SlimTMusic and @IAmNiyiOkeowo, that the thing about the movie is that on paper it’s great, but it just does not hit the spot. Like when you have some banging eba and okro in front of you but you finish eating and just don’t feel satisfied.

However, i do think the lead actor, Andrew Garfield, is going to have a good career. He has that cute-but-awkward-yet-funny feel down pat.


Wednesday was all about the show and the prep for the video shoot.

We had to tie up loose ends in terms of cast, clothes, welfare and more. Thank God i work with an amazing team, it is easy to just delegate sometimes  and then sit back and let them work!

On the show, we had the #Top5At10 for this week and here we go

–          Number 5. Yemi Alade ‘’Ghen Ghen Love’

–          Number 4. Hayo Niel ‘’If i Fall’’

–          Number 3. Sobee ‘’Falling for You’’

–          Number 2. Da Builda ‘’I dey tell You’

–          Number 1. NayoSoul ‘’Rhythm of the Sound’’


Today was the shoot day for ‘’Fimisile’’ the new single by CON.tra.diction, from the ‘Pop Rock Soul and Jara’’ album.

CONtradiction Slim T and Femi vid shoot
CONtradiction shoot backstage

First i was in full Tosyn mode as i did the show at Top Radio and confirmed my Area Mama status by interviewing the area fada, Charly Boy himself.


Charly Boy is a character and years on, he remains one. He’ll always have my respect for his show, ‘’The Charly Boy’’ show. That program was ahead of its’ time!

the area mama and area fada

Follow him on twitter by the way @AreaFada1

After the show, i stayed in Tosyn mode long enough to ensure things were in place and then it was full on CON.tra.diction mode!

The video was directed and shot by Nodash of Nodash/Something Unusual studios and we had about five major scenes to show.

Make Up and Hair was done by MyDazzle and styling by Funmi Fatona.

Like i said, i am glad i work with a great team! People like Olayinka Kasali, Afolabi Jubilee, Funmi Fatona, Shade Anozie and Slim Johnsine!

Here are some pictures and videos from the shoot!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmaVdtPF9m0& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzJ8B7qEtkM&


Project Fame auditions had been holding in different cities and on Friday, they came to Lagos!

I was one of the judges, alongside Wana, Bigtyme, Mannie, Ade Bantu, Gloria Nash, Toolz, and co.

Deciding whether a contestant moves on to the next round of a competition can be a mentally tiring task. Having to say ‘no’ to someone who believes this competition is his ticket out of wherever he has been all this while, or who believes they have the talent and you’re just a hater can be hard but it had to be done.

tosyn anita and wana project fame auditions
tosyn and big tyme at project fame auditions

But once in a while, you find someone with that voice and you give a ‘yes’ and they jump for joy and it’s worth it again.

I spent my morning and most of my afternoon at the auditions and was glad to get a few hours of rest before going for the ‘Party With Star’ event at Eko Hotel.

O my, it was a good event!

Loved seeing my favourite acts on stage again!

M.I was as usual, good. I haven’t seen a bad M.I performance yet. And i remain a stan. Wizkid really is a star boy. Tiwa Savage’s dress shimmered and her confidence is truly amazing. 2face is a bawse. He keeps confirming it. And to top it off for me, D’Banj performed.

If you see me in any videos screaming ‘DbAnj’, don’t believe it.



Thank you


Day 2 of the auditions and it went by fast. Some contestants from the previous day snuck back in while there were some new fresh voices.

Re-runs of Project Fame are currently running and i’m sure this season will be one to remember so check your local stations for listings!

By the way, Happy Birthday to Ebuka!

#SongoftheWeek: Phizzle, ‘’EveryDay Girl’’ https://t.co/DY3u1AGN

#ThoughtoftheWeek: You can be everything you want to be. But maybe just not at the same time.

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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