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My week began with an event i had been looking forward to for weeks- #OneMicJune. It is sometimes easier to be at an event where there are no strings attached. Just come, sit and watch.  When you work on said event, you can sometimes get home and think, “Wait! Everyone loved the show but i can’t seem to remember any aspect of it!”

Thankfully, this happened to me half and half as i made myself catch at least one performance by each artiste. I also got to introduce the One Mic Naija hosts- Kel and Kunle Bello.  Apart from lovely performances by Cody Blayzz, MAK(iller), Maytronomy, Saeon, Mo Eazy, Dark Poet and Eva, i found out Mr Ike Orizu (Truspot) was in town. How cool is that?  Shout out to the #OneMicNaija team by the way!

See some of the pictures and videos from the event from my camera. More to be featured on 360Nobs so stay alert!



After work i had to rush off for a meeting with Aramide and the team. I am loving Aramide’s style and can’t wait for her official singles and then albums to drop. Plus maybe a video or two! I am always excited about any opportunity to see her live!



Tuesday brought more meetings. But one of them was my favourite kind- with my sister.  I like meetings with my sister because we start of official and all and i end up helping myself to something from her office.  My sister owns Zapphaire Events and Furtullah Concepts and Decor. She is actually one of my role models because i learnt to stop thinking and planning so much and actually ‘’doing’’ from her. And i find that if you don’t actually ‘do’ something, you will just find yourself wishing and planning your life away.

I had a silly experience trying to go to Zenith Bank after that. I keep telling myself to work on being more patient and more tolerant but i also think our sense of customer service or care is so warped.  I basically start to enter the bank when the guard asks what i want to do at the bank. I’m sorry but isn’t that private?

There really are only three or so main options you have when walking into a bank’s premises- the atm, depositing or withdrawing and enquiries. Either way, if it is 3pm and i am going into a bank, i do not see why i should be stopped nor harassed at the gate.
It was my sister’s birthday on Wednesday. You would have thought it was mine; that’s how excited i was!  On the show, it was another #Top5At10 edition and it was interesting to see who made it on!

– Number 5: PSquare featuring Rick Ross ‘’beautiful onyinye’’
– Number 4: Da Builder ‘’I Dey Tell You’’
– Number 3: Clay featuring Vector ‘’Dancing in the Sun’’
– Number 2: D’Banj ‘’Oliver Twist’’
– Number 1: Aramide ‘’It’s Over’’

Thursday are interview days and i was happy to have the talented bundle of fun, Yemi Alade, in the studio with me. She has a new song titled ‘’Ghen Ghen Love’’ out so please check it out. And here she is giving a shout out!


Shout out to Mr Emeka of Airtel Customer Care for trying to ruin my day. Made a simple call to sort out an issue with my b.i.s and it turned into my subscription being cancelled even when my airtime had been taken. And better news- they wouldn’t sort it out any time soon. The earliest they could was twenty-four hours.  Amazing!

Friday was a long day. But i can’t even complain. When you spend your whole day at a place where they serve the best steak in Lagos, you eat up, and worry about calories later!  My girl (Famzing alert) Shade and i had lunch at Spur, and then i got to hang out with someone that was owing me cake. Didn’t get my cake though. Got a cappuccino (for now).

Then it was a meeting with Clay and Coldflames and then one more meeting before ending the day/evening/night with dinner with Uche, my Top Radio colleague, and friend!  One of the highlights was the flash mob by the staff


I got home so stuffed that all i said was ‘hello, goodnight’ and i woke up on Saturday.  No i am serious.

Saturday started off lazy and ended with a trip to Debonair Bookstore Yaba for ‘’Book and Gauge’’. Featured in this edition where Eghosa Imasuen and Unoma, Poetry by Nneka Jethro-Iruobe, with music by Clay and Honey.




I have to confess, i thought this would be a very difficult week for me. Looking at it on Saturday evening, it seemed filled with work work work work, meetings meetings meetings meetings and no fun nor sleep. But the week went by so fast and nicely.
Sometimes we scare ourselves so much looking from outside without going in.

So! Remember, you have no choice but to grab your day, week and life by the scruff of its’ neck and LIVE IT!


Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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