THE ONE-ON-ONES: Yung6ix. (Season 1, Episode 9)

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Happy Thursday to you all yet again! It’s the second-to-last episode of this season, and on today’s episode, I have the Punchline King, Yung6ix!

Wana: Good evening, Yung6ix.
Yung6ix: Good evening, Fam! Wetin dey sup?

Wana: I’m good… How things?
Yung6ix: Everything is legit!
Wana: GBAM.

Wana: Fist off, what’s your real name?
Yung6ix: Onome Onokohwomo

Wana: Nice… What does Onome mean?
Yung6ix:  My Own

Wana: So you are someone’s own? God, I’m guessing?
Yung6ix: Yeah… Oluwa Onome 😀

Wana: LOOOOOL. What state are you from?
Yung6ix: I’m From Delta State.

Wana: Hmmm… So you sef be militant?
Yung6ix: Yes oh! Alter-Ego things…Only on the beats though…

Wana: Hahahaha… Confirm. When’s your date of birth?
Yung6ix: July 8th.

Wana: Ah… E don pass :(What introduced you to rap music?
Yung6ix: *swag laugh*

Wana: LOOOOL… Boss things
Yung6ix: It’s my new ish based on ghost protocol. I think the genre was something that I could connect with my personality.

Wana: Nice… One thing majority of people like about your music are your punchlines. What’s the best punchline you’ve ever heard and by which rapper?
Yung6ix: They say times flies, well mine is First Class by Lil Wayne.

Wana: Deep…What’s the first thing/job you ever did for money?
Yung6ix: I really can’t say… Can’t remember… I’ve always been a street boy. Will do whatever it is, that the law allows, to make that paper.

Wana: When you were 9 years old, what did you want to be?
Yung6ix: A Scientist 😐

Wana: Loooooool… You had love for the sciences?
Yung6ix: Yeah I did.

Wana: What’s your most embarrassing moment ever?
Yung6ix: When my microphone fell down from my hand on stage during a performance at P.T.I Effurun, Warri

Wana: Loooool… Why did it fall though? Your hand dey shake?
Yung6ix: I guess I was nervous

Wana: Looooool… Ehyaa. What’s your favorite movie?
Yung6ix: Pirates of the Caribbean. I like Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp’s character. 😀

Wana: Confirm… What sports do you play?
Yung6ix: I used to play football on the pitch, but now I do it digitally. PES things! And you know I’m a champ 😀

Wana: Hahahaha… You dey get mouth ba? Don’t worry, there’s a Celebrity tournament coming up soon… I’ll make sure you come and chop beating.
Yung6ix: LOOOOL! I’m like the Industry champion oh! I’ll beat M.I, YQ and anybody else you throw at me!

Wana: Ehen? Make we dey see… What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever been given?
Yung6ix: Hmmm… Can’t remember having any bad nickname… They used to call me 50 back then in FGC Warri because I could rap very well. Then they later changed it to Sixty because they said I was better than him… That’s even how the name Yung6ix emerged sef 😀

Wana: Hmmm… Sixty baba!
Yung6ix: Yes oh 😀

Wana: If there was anyone, alive or dead, that you wish you could meet, who would it be?
Yung6ix: I hope to, not only meet, but do a song with Jay-Z and Lil Weezy. And then Nelson Mandela.

Wana: Hmmm… Amen oh… What’s your biggest fear?
Yung6ix: Failure.

Wana: It scares all of us oh… What inspires/motivates you when writing/performing?
Yung6ix: My endless desire to make my fans happy and make history.

Wana: What is Yung6ix addicted to?
Yung6ix: Music, Music, Music

Wana: Hahaha. It’s in the system.What’s your relationship status?
Yung6ix: I’m married to the hustle!

Wana: No time for the ladies?
Yung6ix: Not exactly… There’s time for everything 😉

Wana: So it’s money over girls for you?
Yung6ix: Not just girls… Money over everything, and God over All. O:)

Wana: GBAM… Let’s round this up… I’ll give two options now and you’ll choose 1… Okay?
Yung6ix: Aii boss.

Wana: Moin-Moin or Fried Plantain?
Yung6ix: Plantain!!!

Wana: No!!! #TeamMoinMoin…
Thanks for the interview, Six.
Yung6ix: My pleasure boss, I’m humbled. Big up to 360Nobs for the support.

Wana: We sef hail you… Peace!
*sigh* And so season 1 is almost over… It’s been massive fun hanging out and finding weird things about all these people…

Catch you next week for the season finale!

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