THE ONE-ON-ONES: YQ (Season 1, Episode 7).

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Happy Thursday folks!

On today’s Episode of the One-on-Ones, I caught up with the biggest act out of Kogi state, the Efimile man himself, YQ!!!

Wana: Good evening, YQ!
YQ: I greet u. Evening sir.

Wana: How body sir?
YQ: E dey inside cloth oh.

Wana: Wa shere… First things… What’s your full name?
YQ: Yakub Jubril

Wana: What state are you from?
YQ: Kogi state… I gat “Kogi boy swaaag” 😀

Wana: Fo’ real? Everybody sha dey confuse me these days… How come your Yoruba is so good?
YQ: Because I be Yoruba boy too nah… If to say Lagos na country I for don nationalize… LOOOL. Anyway I was born in Oyo state, and I grew up in Lagos. I guess that’s why I speak Yoruba very well.

Wana: Hahahaha… No wonder… Because I know say Kogi people no suppose dey speak Yoruba like you.
YQ: If you hear my mum, you won’t believe she’s not a Yoruba woman.

Wana: Hahahaha! She don “nationalize!”
YQ: LOOOL. But there’s a place called Okun in Kogi. That’s where Jaywon is from. Them dey flow yoruba well for that side.

Wana: Hmmmm… Nice… What’s your date of birth?
YQ: I’m in my mid-20s… Leave am like that… Abi u want football age? Oya I be 15 :D. Unto the next sir 😀

Wana: Tell us month and day nah… You never know, I fit wan give you birthday gift 😀
YQ: Ehen? Oya August 1st… Deposit the gift sharply! You go balance on my birthday 😀

Wana: Hahahahahahaha… No wahala… When you were 9 years old, what did you want to be in the future?
YQ: A successful business man.

Wana: Ah. I don catch you! You be ajepako pikin! If na Ajebo pikin, he for talk Doctor or Lawyer or Engineer 😀
YQ: LOOOL.. I no be buttie nah… I de in between though… I was born with a silver spoon… You know that song abi? “And then I lost the spoon” Hehehe 🙁

Wana: LOOOOOOOOOL… Yeah I do… *smh*
How did your career path then change from business to super-star artiste?
YQ: Man proposes… Well I actually started playing football and played for some clubs… We played state league… So it was from dreaming business to soccer to music… LOOOL… I discovered my talent and decided to follow up.

Wana: Ah!!! You sef dey ball? Which position you dey play?
YQ: Midfield… Organise celebrity soccer and see what’s up :D… Ask DJ Neptune, we’ve come a long way.

Wana:  Hmmmm. So you be Nigerian Zidane abi?
YQ: Back then I dey ball well sha… Zidane, Deco, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Okocha, Ronaldinho et al… Na these category of stars I dey 😀

Wana: :O Looooooooooooooool. Are you happier on the field or in the studio?
YQ: Football is in d past… I’m happier with the one the LORD has blessed me with now… ‘Cause music puts food on my table, I’d rather be in the studio, than on the pitch.  Football without music ain’t complete sef. That’s why most footballers dance on the pitch when celebrating a goal or victory, and also sing their national anthems before any match. So all join sef 😀

Wana: GBAM! What’s your relationship status?
YQ: I’m in a relationship. And its private… Una fit dey see the person but una no go know.

Wana: With how many girls?
YQ: How many girls ke? See question abeg… Two mama fit born one person? LOOOL

Wana: LOOOL. Na just 1 person ni? But na you sing “Me I like GIRLS” nah.
YQ: I like girls nah. You fit do party invite only boys? Even gay people self must want girls for their party.

Wana Looooooooool… Buahahahahahhaha.
YQ: You don see any music video wey woman no dey? Even some foreign acts wey dey form Gay must use woman ’cause how them wan sell? If I hear.

Wana: Hahahahahaha… See Sub!!! What’s the most important quality you look for in a woman?
YQ: She has to be prayerful. When she is, every other thing na jara, because that’s the key.

Wana: So even if she worwor, as far say she dey enter mosque or church regular, you don’t mind?
YQ: Church… I be Christian, but church or mosque sha. She gat’s fine oh! Shebi you hear “Emi ole sh’omo ti o fine!”

Wana: Buhahahahaha.
YQ: Before I approach her, she gats set na.

Wana: Who’s your Nigerian celebrity crush?
YQ: Mercy Johnson, Uche Jombo, Tonto Dike, Doris Simon, Bimbo Oshin… LOOOOL… Them many…

Wana: Uncle Jubril! See as he call all them names sharp sharp!!!
YQ: LOOOL… No time! If to say I be Alhaji e for easy… I for marry all of them… Send them go Mecca every year, till them crest all their teeth 😀

Wana: LOOOOL… What’s the best collabo/feature you’ve ever done?
YQ: Seriously I love all the collabos I’ve done. And I respect and appreciate all the artists both big and small for working with me. But I will forever thank GOD for “Efimile” feat. Dagrin (RIP). Because that song came as a blessing when I almost gave up.

Wana: And the song is a mad jam!!! \=D/
YQ: Yes, all thanks to GOD, for sending Dagrin my way, till he left. I never knew he was a blessing in disguise

Wana: May his soul rest in perfect peace.
YQ: Amen. S/O to Dokta Frabz for the great beat, and 2koncept for investing in me back then.

Wana: Hehehe… I’m sure he’s happy he did 🙂
What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
YQ: Hmmm… Omo I don forget the main one jor… Anyway I remember when a bouncer beat me up in 2005, because I wanted to get into a club in my hood, and tore my new shirt. 5 years later, the club begged me to come for an event there, and the same bouncer was calling me “Sir”… I remind the guy sha…

Wana: Ahhhhh… You wicked! I like!!!! You for tell am make e tear the shirt again if them born am well…. Hahahahaha.
YQ: That taught me some lessons… Never to give up… No matter what, we go meet again… And never take advantage of the power given to you. Or use d power to oppress people… One happened on my way to Ibadan for a show in 2010… I no fit talk this one for outside oh… Hahahahaha

Wana: LOOOOOL… Oya let’s round this up… I’ll give you some choices, and you’ll choose one… Okay?
YQ: Ok

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
YQ: Na Moin-Moin nah! E make sense with garri, pap or bread (preferably Agege :D) I no be fan of dodo at all! I prefer plantain chips… LOOOL

Wana: LOOOOL!…. Ajepako dey your blood gaan!!!
YQ: No be so, na hustle back then cause am… Even Governor gaan go agree with me… Moin-Moin and Garri, na full Naija package!

Wana: Buhahahahaha! Ronaldo or Messi?
YQ: Ronaldo

Wana: Wa shere!!!!!!! Thanks for your time, YQ.
YQ: (Y) Thanks 4 the lovely questions… I actually thought we were having a normal conversation… GOD bless you bro… Shaiizi!!! Indoorstreet!!!

Wana: Na so the thing go, bruv. Bless you too.
Hmmm… I wonder who this Mercy Johnson person is that all the celebrities dey like sef… Me too I want to crush oh!

See y’all next week! 😀



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