THE ONE-ON-ONES: Teeto Ceemos (Season 1, Episode 8)

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Good day people! How are we today?

On Episode 8 today, I interviewed hip-hop head, Teeto Ceemos himself!.


Wana: Good evening Teeto.
Teeto Ceemos: Same to you, brother! *grabs charger*

Wana: LOOOL. What’s good?
Teeto Ceemos: All good oh… I’m looking for Sunday night Jollof rice :]Y

Wana: Buhahahahahaha… E go commot soon.
Teeto Ceemos: Amen ohhhh

Wana: First things first… What’s your full name?
Teeto Ceemos: Toyin Salako…  Oluwa”tito”funmi’s my middle name, hence the Teeto… Just thought to spell it different.

Wana: So that’s where Teeto came from? Cool… How about Ceemos though?
Teeto Ceemos: Ceemos tres abstract :x… I just thought it sounded cool… Teeto on its own seemed bleh. LOOOL

Wana: LOOOL… True sha… What’s your state of origin?
Teeto Ceemos: Ogun state baba…  You be Calabar abi? Heard y’all got hot stuffs 😉

Wana: LOOOOOOOOL Calabar ke? 😡 … Wetin you dey find hot stuff for?
Teeto Ceemos: LOOOOL… I’m just joking bro.

Wana: Hmmmm. What’s your date of birth?
Teeto Ceemos: 22nd of October… Early Eighties baby! B-)

Wana: LOOOL. Old man…
Teeto Ceemos: LOOOL yes keh!

Wana: Where did you grow up?
Teeto Ceemos: Thoroughbred Lagos City boy homey.

Wana: Wa shere… Chop knuckle!!!
Teeto Ceemos: LOOOL Yezzur!!!

Wana: What’s your best childhood memory?
Teeto Ceemos: On the streets of Adeniyi Jones… BMX bicycles… Super nintendos… *sigh* Good times!

Wana: Ah!!! You be Ajebutter!!!!
Teeto Ceemos: =D Nah… I’m just being real with you. I went to FGC Ijanikin… If I hear say I be butter 🙁

Wana: Wow… A lot of celebrities went through that school… You… Don Jazzy… Wande Coal… Me… The school must be proud! 😀
Teeto Ceemos: You went to IJ????? Which set you be? No worry this is off camera… LOOOOL… Ghetto P went to IJ as well…

Wana: Loooool. ’07. I be small pikin 😀
Teeto Ceemos: Jesu…… 😡

Wana: Buhahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Teeto Ceemos: LOOOL… Na true nah

Wana: On with our interview… When you were 9, what did you want to be in future?
Teeto Ceemos: A pro athlete… 100M/200M sprint… I wanted to run for Nigeria… We all know that never played out…

Wana: Do you still run?
Teeto Ceemos: Naaa… Still fast though… I play basketball for leisure.

Wana: You’re a Basketball fan? What NBA team do you support?
Teeto Ceemos: HEAVY one… The Los Angeles Lakers. And for your information, Kobe Bryant is the BEST… Aging or not! #TeamKobeAllDayEveryDay!!!!

Wana: Uhm… Kevin Durant has been the scoring leader for the past 3 seasons… LeBron has been MVP for the past 3 seasons… Where has your “Best” been? :p
Teeto Ceemos: Number 2 scorer by one-tenth of a point in the 2012 regular season and lost in the post-season because he didn’t have a strong enough cast. He only dropped as top scorer ’cause of his injury towards the end of the season… The other seasons, I believe Kobe won back to back championships? Note we just got Steve Nash… Heaven help you all if we get Dwight.
From the sounds of things your indecisive of who you support… You just go for whoever wins 8-|

Wana: Nah man! I’m a Celtic for life! Even though they’re all old and raggedy X_X … Onto music things now… What was the first music CD you ever bought?
Teeto Ceemos: Hahahaha I hate Celts!!!

Wana: We hate you too 🙂
Teeto Ceemos: First CD I ever bought… Hmmm… I have elder brothers so I didn’t start buying till really late… First must have been “The Show” Soundtrack… I doubt anyone would know what I’m talking about.

Wana: Hahahaha… I doubt it… Don’t know it too X_X
Teeto Ceemos: It had a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony track titled “Its An Everyday Thang” That was why I hunted it down…
That was 1995/96 mayne. LOOOL

Wana: What led you into music, and why rap?
Teeto Ceemos: I’d been listening to all sorts from a very tender age and I was particularly drawn to rhyming… Diggable Planets (I doubt you know that… LOOOOL anyways Google dey. LOOOOL) really intrigued me with their smooth melodic flow and that captivated me to do a lotta rap research… LL Cool J’s, Kool Mo’ Dee’s, Rakim’s, Run DMC’s… Though I was too young to understand… Notorious B.I.G & Jay-Z got hot by the time I understood what I was hearing… Since then, I knew I’d be a rapper.

Wana: And you’ve certainly mastered the art of rhyming… “Tin ba ja Gold Circle, I can take your whole circle… Emi ni eni ti awon agbalagba ma npe ni ekun” I loved those lines 😀
Teeto Ceemos: LOOOOL! Shout out to Suspect! He seriously inspired me to rhyme in Yoruba

Wana: And you did it well! (y)
Teeto Ceemos: We thank God!

Wana: What’s your relationship status?
Teeto Ceemos: I’m in one.

Wana: Wa shere!!! When make I come chop wedding rice?
Teeto Ceemos: LOOOL! When the time reach you go know.

Wana: Yaaaaay!… What’s the worst nickname someone’s ever given you?
Teeto Ceemos: Those IJ boys ehn… LOOOL… I’m not saying :]x

Wana: Buhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Talk!!! Talk!!! Talk!!!!
Teeto Ceemos: Lai Lai!!!!!

Wana: Looooool… Issorai… I’ll find out and publish…
Teeto Ceemos: All the best with that!! LOOOL! No be me go tell you sha.

Wana: What is Teeto Ceemos addicted to?
Teeto Ceemos: I talk to myself a lot. Most times people think I’m crazy talking to myself… More often than not, I’m just rhyming. I’m hooked on the NBA sha…

Wana: Ah… LOOOL… Be careful oh… Person fit just go book space for you for Yaba left 😀
Teeto Ceemos: Hahahahahahaha!

Wana: Oya let’s round this up… I’ll give you some choices and you’ll choose one… Okay?
Teeto Ceemos: Oya nah.

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Teeto Ceemos: Dodo mayne

Wana: Nooo 🙁 #TeamMoinMoin
Teeto Ceemos: Yimz (˘̯˘ )

Wana: LOOOL… A fat and pretty girl, or an ugly and very intelligent one?
Teeto Ceemos: I’m content where I am… Two of them should park here. II                      II <—– park here… But the fat one might need more space… =-?

Wana: LMFAOOOO!!! Thanks for the interview, Teeto.
Teeto Ceemos: Thanks for puttin me on bruh….keep up the good work!

Wana: Buhahahahahaahahaha! Peace!
Just so y’all know, I’m really not that young. Don’t mind Teeto for making me feel so small. 🙁

Catch y’all next week!

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