THE ONE-ON-ONES: FiveMics (Season 1, Episode 6).

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Happy Cold Thursday morning folks!

On today’s episode, I have the Abuja ambassador of Rap himself, FiveMics.

Wana: Good morning, FiveMics!
FiveMics: Good morning πŸ™‚

Wana: How body?
FiveMics: Body dey inside agbada o!

Wana: You be big man oh… As per na big man dey wear Agbada…
FiveMics: LOOOL… If na bedsheet I use do the Agbada nko?

Wana: Hahahaha. What’s your full name?
FiveMics: Stanley Ikegbulam

Wana: You’re Igbo? What state are you from?
FiveMics: Imo state oh!!! Ibo kwenu!!! People don’t know that about me!!! They think I’m either Hausa or Edo…

Wana: Yes nah! Why didn’t you title Abuja Party as Imo Party then? I thought you were an Hausa boy nah.
FiveMics: Hahahaha!!! Well, I wasn’t in Imo at that time! And I’m like the Abuja ambassador of Rap!

Wana: Looooool… Issorai. What’s your date of birth?
FiveMics: May 27th… Leave the rest before those boys wey I dey bully go come find out sey them old pass me abeg. LOL.

Wana: Hahahahahaha…Wait first, May 27… That’s Children’s Day….
Buhahahahahahaha… FiveMics is forever a child! πŸ˜€
FiveMics: X_X 8-| On some Peter pan ish bro!

How did you come about the name, FiveMics?
FiveMics: It’s a title. For hotels it’s 5star, for the army is 5star. So for Hip-Hop its 5mics… Meaning Classic and the highest rank! Asides that fact, my niggas gave me the name after winning a Freestyle competition called 5Mics back then.”5mics” is also earned by known rap acts in the likes of Nas, Jay-Z etc. and is mostly identified with Hip-Hop acts and Source magazine.

Wana: Hmmm. A title most fitting.
Where did you grow up?
FiveMics: I grew up in Lagos and later moved to Abuja around 2001.

Wana: What was your favorite childhood meal?
FiveMics: Childhood was Fried rice, Salad and Chicken…. Adulthood bayi, it became Egusi and Poundy!!!!

Wana: Ah… From Fried Rice to Pounded Yam? How nah? How does someone transform from Ajebutter to Ajepako?
FiveMics: LOOOOOL! Well since I gained Independence, omo na street thingz o! *in Meek Mill’s voice* Only hope I had was selling dope! For studio session! 😐
LOOOL… No mind me… Just love it ’cause my Mom makes the best Egusi soup ever! And I grew up hearing Nigerian meals are healthy and manly, so that has become my favorite.

Wana: Hahahahaha… When did you officially enter the rap game?
FiveMics: Err… Around 2006/07… That’s when I dropped my first single with Mode9… Was really young then and that’s what even caught people’s attention.

Wana: If you weren’t a rapper, what would you be?
FiveMics: Soccer player or a movie star!! Or my father’s dream: a white collar somewhere with Barclays or CBN LOOOL.

Wana: Hahahahahaha. You sabi play ball so?
FiveMics: Huh? I swear man! I think I play more than I rap sef.

Wana: Loooooool. What position do you play?
FiveMics: Centre Forward (9), Attacking Forward (8), Right Winger (7)… M.I can testify to this we play almost every morning before work. :D… I was quite serious with soccer when I was in Abuja.

Wana: Wow… Impressive!!! What’s the worst nick-name someone’s ever given you?
FiveMics: Capsule Head… Now some of my ATL friends call me 5 alive… *smh* If I catch those girls ehn!

Wana: Buhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! The fuck? Capsule head? Oh my God!!!
People are evil…5 alive too… You have wicked friends πŸ™
FiveMics: I know right…

Wana: What’s your opinion on Love? Do you believe in it or do you think is just an excuse people use to get what they want from people?
FiveMics: Love is just as real as hate… We experience it everyday one more than the other most times… But let’s just say I love everyone around me! Even my haters πŸ™‚

Wana: Hmmm. Wise words… Are you in a relationship?
FiveMics: Well naa…

Wana: Hahahaha. Okay, imagine you tried calling your number from your girl’s phone and found out she stored your contact as “Mugu 4”. What would you do?
FiveMics: LOOOL! Never happened to me before so I wouldn’t know how to react… Let’s jus say I wouldn’t let her know! But she becomes Booty Call number 25.

Wana: Hahahahahahahahahaha!
If there was anyone, dead or alive, that you’d want to meet one-on-one, who would it be?
FiveMics: JAY-Z … Then Angelina Jolie <3<3

Wana: Hahahahaha…. Brad Pitt go kill you!
FiveMics: Him go fight tire o!

Wana: Hahahahahahahahaha…What’s your biggest fear?
FiveMics: The End of the world… Asides that Nothing.

Wana: Hmmm. You don’t fear death?
FiveMics: Nope man! Wetin I dey fear death for when it can come anytime? I just live for every moment, ’cause I don’t control tomorrow. But I’m always careful.

Wana: Wise words… Oya let’s round this up… I’ll give you a set of choices and you’ll choose 1, okay?
FiveMics: Okay πŸ™

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
FiveMics: Hahahahahahaha

Wana: Answer jor.
FiveMics: Moin-Moin

Wana: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! #TeamMoin-Moin

Wana: B.I.G. Or 2Pac?
FiveMics: Biggie.

Wana: Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi?
FiveMics: CR7!!!!!

Wana: Wa shere!!!!!! You be confirm person!!!!
Thanks for the interview, FiveMics.
FiveMics: LOOOL… Aii bro… Good looking out!
If person fit change from Ajebutter to Ajepako, I can also change from Ajepako to Ajebutter. There is still hope for me and people like me out there πŸ˜€

See y’all next Thursday!

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