Open Discussion: Is 24 Too Young To Have A Baby and When Is The Best Age For Marriage?

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On my way to work this morning, I read an article in a magazine asking the question “Is 24 the Best Age To Have A Baby?” The celebrity in question is of course Adele and the summary of the article is that, its ok to have a baby at 24 or any age you feel the need to, so long as you are financially/emotionally capable to go through with it – Financially being the main. For Adele its extremely ok, considering she is currently one of the richest women in the music industry in the world right now – thanks to her multi-platinum album, 21, which currently stands as one of the best-selling records released in the recent times.  With or without her boyfriend – she can absolutely take care of her little one.

The writer who is about age 36, confirms that for her at 24, she was far from having a baby at 24 as she felt she was too young and of course needed sometime to meet the perfect man and enjoy her youth besides having a firm foothold on her career/ambitions, sort out her finances and other things women who are quite independent think about.  Now, just having moved past the mid 30s age range, she has a child(9months) and her circumstances aren’t exactly as she thought it would have been at this age – there is no perfect man. (Smiles)

In modern times, depending on which part of the Atlantic Ocean you reside, there is the constant need and want to offer your offspring/s the VERY BEST.  There is a calculated thought that goes into getting pregnant(Beyonce, anyone) – a lot of women are now like MEN in their thinking.  They want to be leaders, they want to ‘RUN’ their own thing, they want to be INDEPENDENT.  No one wants to be caught out should incase things don’t go too well with the other half(God forbid – but Life does have its way of doing things).  Men want to be millionaires or at least close to being one or at least have something that is very stable financially before they SOW responsibly.

I mean from this question, there are other questions of, once the marriage is sealed, How many KIDS should one have – reasonably? A football team or just Peter and Paul would do.

So, share your thoughts on this Is 24 Too Young To Have A Baby and When Is The Best Age For Marriage?– Place your comments in the comment box below.



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  1. Biologically, 24 is a good age to have a baby but with the current economic climate abegi……best to chill and have roof over one’s head and chop beleful small.

  2. There’s no such thing as a perfect age to become a parent or a spouse. Thats just dumb. Its about when the individual is ready, mentally and financially.

  3. Rich or poor when God says its time…..its time. Like they say in yoruba the birth of a child brings good things.

  4. Nne, i couldn’t agree with you more. It shouldn’t be up for discussion really except the expecting parents are still children in their thinking. But with people emulating celebrities a lot more these days – were strangely its now ‘cool’ to be pregnant, its fair to say some people don’t think it through properly. Dem go jus born pikin no planning and dem no go stop for one, dem go add another one on top dat one.

  5. My girlfriend got pregnant mistakenly when we were both 22(we had only just finished Uni in the UK and job hunting) – both unemployed we still decided to keep the baby. Told our respective families about it and it was a case of wedding nuptials immediately. Baby due in Nov, wedding/registry done in June – our family covered all the expenses. After that, we were responsible for ourselves…..the tummy grew bigger, the anticipation grew with and the fear of how to cope increased. I for one always wanted to be 30 at least before marriage so i could give the best to my family. It became any job just to survive, i eventually got a security job(a graduate with a 2.1 in Maths & Computing). The baby arrived and we survived on our ‘ok’ income. God helped us through it. That was 9 years ago. We’ve had another child since then but we named our 1st, BOLUWATIFE. And i’ve kept my promise to myself in giving both of them the very best. It was a hard journey, it is hardwork but its taken great determination to carry on and a strong believe and trust in God. My advice do it but be sensible and be ready to work hard.

  6. why does 24 look so young to people? i believe 24 is not too young but for any age to be ok, you need to be ready for this responsibility that is not only financially but mentally or psychologically. having a baby is no walk in the park.

  7. If you are old enough to have sex and have it without protection, then you are old enough to have a child. No need for long grammar.

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