Get Familiar: McSkill Tha Preacha – The Funeral [Vector Diss] Pt. 1

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MCskill ThaPreacha is known for teaching and preaching the gospel of Hip-Hop but sit back and enjoy as he makes a complete U-turn from his normal boom bap music to diss rapper ‘Vector’ on this one he names ‘The Funeral pt.1’ …

…Now, apparently there’s going to be a part. 2, so..errr..keep your ears to the ground noni.

T: @mcthapreacha

[audio:|titles=The Funeral [Vector Diss]


You probably stupid if u wondering can-i-bus? (Canibus)/

I bring Disaster (Dizaster) , Nigga imma boss/

VEC, what? Nigga please/

Your rap style is yuck! Amala mixed with chips/

Youse a barrack boy and I’m the general/

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Vector’s funeral/

Flow harder than erection/

Young Shall Grow , YSG pay attention/

“And I’m made oh (Vector sample)”, Quit the bulls**t/

I heard the Reminisce diss track, oshi/

You did a joint with 2face and didn’t blow/

If you was a suicide bomber you still wouldn’t blow/

Still stuck in the same spot like light poles/

Even Ice-Prince wey feature Brymo went global/

You gotta be ashamed, style’s so lame/

It needs crouches , nigga you ain’t got game/

And aint talking Nintendo/

Got summn’ for you son, ain’t talking farm tool GO-TO-HELL oo/

HELLO! Hello “Mister Belu-Belu”/

Mainstream Jargons , take your s**t to the LOO/

You just so over-rated, your s**t is constipated/

I’m from the underground and the next top rated/

He’s aiight but he’s not real/

He’s a Vector, image, animation I’ll kill/

Kill , Kill , dig a hole and I bury/

My flows heavily armed yeah, Military/

Minister to child , Skill ThaPreacha/

But when it comes to battle imma career killah/

Ask about me, these rappers don’t tempt me/

I’m a Lyrical Demon, ask ur ANGELI … 9ice/

And u ain’t got no innovation/

I got enough knowledge to school your whole generation/

What’s the fuss about? You ain’t got no hit song/

You ain’t got no fans yet u been blowing for so long?/

Oh! You say u carry guns/

You was definitely talking about Young Money’s Corey Gunz/

Now let’s go show for show, flow for flow/

Make you wander like a vigilante on parole/

Yeah, u think u better?/

You don’t come close to been good, going Clifford Orji on this nigga/

Its your funeral, go get your coffin/

Tryna be friends with me is not an option/

I’m not a Star *grunts* You not a star boy/

More like an upcoming artiste choi/

You must be crazy if you think you sound like Jay-Z/

Undefeated in all arenas , Fofo that’s me/

McThaPreacha , catch me on twitter/

Like Max I bring Pain (Max Payne) when I deliver/

And I flow better than your b****’s period/

Lanre, your career is over! PERIOD!/


Imma boss, imma preacha/

I skool this cats , imma teacha/

I’m getting paper and I’m above yah/

I call the shots , just to destroy yah/



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  1. dnt stat wat u cnt finish asswipe. Vector is gud @ dissin scumbagz lyk u. U ain’t even wot his reply. Go luk 4 smthin else 2do punk.

  2. in dissin ur stil a constable n vector is da formidable. Go luk 4 smth else 2do or play wif ur turntable.

    Guy u 2 small 4 vector nah. I pray he doesnt reply.

  3. this guy is so lame my great grnd mother’s frnd can kill dis dude on a battle.. VEC u should jst 4get abt him and let my man KayJay giv him a lil taste of shit…

  4. Man, pls.. You can’t even diss me as a singer not talkless of VEC.. U crazy? U want to end y̶̲̥̅̊
    career you’ve not started.. I’m advising you.. Vector is a bad rapper.. Y̶̲̥̅̊
    lyrics ain’t even strong enuff 2 make him scared.. Just try and focus on something else. Rap is not in you… G.I.

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