Gas mask-wearing Gunman kills 14 at Batman movie in Denver Cinema

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A gas mask-wearing gunman started shooting a little after Midnight on Friday at a suburban Denver movie theater, leaving at least 14 people dead and 50 others injured, police said.

According to witnesses, the gunman stood at the front of Theatre 9 of the Century 16 theatres at the Aurora Mall where the latest Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” was showing, released a canister of gas and opened fire into the mall theatre.

The police found the gunman behind the theatre near a car which had the gas mask, rifle, and other weapons in it.

The suspect has been arrested but police did not have any other immediate details.

A witness – Paul Otermat spoke with Sky News earlier said he was in the theatre when the shooting happened, and assumed it was a publicity stunt when he saw a man dressed in a long coat walk in and throw what he believed was a tear gas canister at the crowd.

Then he started firing shots into the crowd,” Otermat said. He said he and his girlfriend ducked to the floor and crept out as gunfire continued. “My girlfriend saw a canister on the ground that was still foaming … We ran through the lobby and we heard more shots, and we ran out into the parking lot and got into our car and left.”

The police chief said ten victims died at the theatre and four more in the area hospitals.

An amateur video that caught some of the shooting has been posted to Youtube.



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