Coco’s Chronicles: What Women Want

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Before you think this is me giving answers to one of the most popular and controversial questions in the world, let me say that I am not giving answers.

I’m only sharing a man’s thoughts about us (girls) and here’s hoping the girls would say what it is they want in the comment box below.

As a lady, I have realised that every girl’s wants varies. What I want is different from what each of my friends want.

Men find this annoying though, because their lives are so simple and they all want the same thing.

Recently, my friend and I were chatting and I asked him how come he was still single after three years. He replied “I haven’t found the one yet

Then I laughed and waved his answer aside. “That’s what you all say” I responded “instead of you people to say you are not ready; you’d be saying you haven’t found the one. Is it so hard to fine the one? It’s easier to find Miss Right than Mr Right

He shook his head, disagreeing with me. Thing is, I know him to be a good boy and I know he probably meant what he said.

So I should believe you?” I asked

Yes” he nodded and further said “I almost had a relationship a couple of months ago. In fact, I was convinced she was the one I had been looking for

So what happened?” I became more interested

She proved she wasn’t

How?” I wanted to know

As much as my interest was piqued, I somehow didn’t think I’d hear something different. Most guys gave the same old reasons for not dating a girl, but I still wanted to know.

She is one heck of a pretty girl and I liked her right from the moment we met. A friend of mine had seen her and concluded that I’d like her” he started

Una dey pimp for each other?” I inquired, wondering when boys started toasting on behalf of the other. Thought, they just you know, “plucked” whatever girl caught their fancy, “sampled” and decide to move on to the next level or dump her.

I think he just felt I would like her, that she would be my type” he answered.

Hmm…go on” I said, all the while thinking somewhere in my mind why his friend who is also single just dashed him a very pretty girl. It didn’t make sense to me. Maybe he had realised the girl wasn’t all that?

We clicked immediately we started talking on the phone, she was fun and I liked it. When we eventually met, I realised that she wasn’t just photogenic; she was pretty in real life. She grew on me, my friend was right, I did like her” he explained

Ehn ehn, so how did she move from THE ONE to SO NOT THE ONE?” I asked

You won’t believe it if I tell you it was something that shouldn’t count. I started noticing this girl gave silly excuses and told lies that shouldn’t even be. She also tried desperately to keep up an appearance I didn’t even care about. For me, I liked her for who she was, I didn’t care about her Brazilian or Peruvian hair, I didn’t care if she could afford Jimmy Choos or Alexander McQueen. I just wanted her but she thought otherwise. She tried a little too hard and it was something I thought I could overlook at first

I urged him to go on

There was this day I took her out on a date. It was a dinner date and I had told her to look her best. I dressed up formally and when I went to pick her, I was taken aback by what she had on! I am not the type who cares really, but this one I couldn’t overlook. She wore shorts and a top. And I mean very short pair of shorts. I felt it was inappropriate dressing, especially since it was a cold night. I asked her before we left her home if she was sure she wanted to wear that out and she said why not. She wasn’t comfy during that date. She was everything but comfortable.”

My friend’s girl wasn’t just clueless about how to dress for an occasion, she was also clueless about how to say thank you for little favours.

“She didn’t call me for a long time and whenever I asked, she claimed glo didn’t let her call out. Then one day I transferred credit to her phone via this e-banking thing on my phone and she still didn’t call. When she finally did, I asked her how she was able to finally call out because I couldn’t believe she thought it was too small a favour to be grateful for. Then she told me glo had dashed her credit. Was she that clueless?”

My friend said he was still prepared to let go of these things and move on to having a relationship with her but then she ruined it all.

“She told me her parents were working as top government officials, she lied about the year she was in school and constantly told me with pride that she inflated her school fees at home just so she could keep up with her appearance in school! She didn’t even need to lie to me; I am the one who should try to impress not the other way round. And if she had to impress, did she have to lie about it? I ran from this girl before things got more serious. I can manage a girl who was clueless about some certain things but certainly not a liar”

When he was done narrating his experience, then I asked myself the question all the boys all over the world wanted to know, what do girls want?

I’ve heard my male friends say “you are a girl now, you should know”.

But truthfully, I do not! I only know what I want!



I’m a totally simple, sweet, funny down to earth girl. Extremely fun and nothing of an introvert. I’m so much into writing, I don’t have enough space left in my heart to love something else. I’m addictive and you’re not likely to let go once you know me. Twitter handle, @tomilola_coco


  1. Its so funny that we hav girls with inferiority complex and low self esteem. Dats the only reason i should think a babe should try so hard to impress

  2. I once dated a girl that I liked from the off for her simplicity, which I thought was classy. Few months into dating she started wearing making up, painting her nails n all sorts. I didn’t even care about those things from the get go, straight away I started losing interest n it was a downward spiral from there.

    My point is I liked her the way I met her not with all those extras. My boys n I actually prefer girls that don’t wear make up n keep it simple, it tells us she’s confident n comfortable and as you all know confidence goes a long way.

    NB: Simple doesn’t mean broke n cheap. I know many rich n simple ladies.

  3. Well, i think esteem is a pare of it and i agree with your friend. In my opinion, most girls know what they want but they do not really know what they need and they get it all mixed up.

  4. Dear coco,

    You are a fantastic writer and I think it takes a certain amount of bravery to put your work out time and over. Did you have a fight with your friends? Reason is, for me, you have deviated from writing about u and ur girlfriends which was what drew me and most people to you. Now its just a lot of random things every other person writes about. If you’ve had a fight with Giselle, Enitan and rianne, settle it! I miss the real chronicles!!! Good write its just not what you promised me as a reader when you started.

  5. Some of dis gurls like I call dem are just lokis and wannabes I used to av a freiend den dat said she bought two lace wigs at 180,000 an was looking for money to pay house rent later, told her to sell d lace wigs nau! Abi!! Its really a shame for a gurl to stoop low to do such rubbish, d truth wl surerly always come out. Awon Loki oshi!

  6. Beautiful article… Some girls tho. Buh den again,I am one. D truth is one man’s food is anoda’s poison. Sum1 wld love her d way she is… If she is like dat,den she wldnt change ova9t. It is not needed buh dat is d way she is. Sad buh true. And d worse part is,dia r many like dat dese daiz. Even dudes,I met α couple σяv unblivable dudes in camp and was really disappointed. May God help us all.

  7. Few months into dating she started “wearing making up” #gbagaun…….abi u go call dat1 typo again *buhahhahaA* bro we all knw y she lost interest in U,sure wasn’t cuz of ur asdfghjkl LMFAO!!!!!!

  8. Ivie
    Hey! I kuku didn’t fight with my girls. But I have been writing about their experiences too, u prob just haven’t noticed. I have been working on bringing them back like the old chronicles that u love tho and ur comment would intensify that. I won’t want to lose one of my avid readers. I appreciate the fact dt u let me know what u miss and I’d like to hear mor of this from time to time. Thanks dear 🙂

  9. @jiwet, It was a typo. All u had to do was read the comment in its entirety n spot how many blunders were there. O ga o. You could at least be constructive.

  10. Sorry for the late comment but I’m just reading. I won’t blame the girl cos she’s doing what most guys want. Most guys want a lady who’ll ‘represent’ forgetting that it’s not by flash. I’d rather wear a #20,000 flat than wear #2000 heels. But most of them want exotic knee length hairs, 10 inch heels, claws for nails and of course, bleached skin. Ur average man will walk up to the flashiest girl in d group & d girls wanna keep up bcos the hustle is real.

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