Claire’s 360Date With Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

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Claire aka Ms Negbenebor was chosen by Ebuka to accompany him to 30 Shades of Blue with Ebuka (a special birthday celebration for Ebuka as he turned 30), which took place on Saturday July 21,2012 at the Twin Peaks, Lagos based on her winning comment below:

 Ms Negbenebor July 19, 2012 at 7:53 pm 

 I’d rather not say much. I would REALLY like to go on a date with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu because he is smart and good-looking, a devout catholic and smart to boot. I would like to sit with him to knock heads regarding some of his past ThisDay article, ask him why he chose to go this direction with his YNaija writing, as well as, his stance with Guinness and Glo after his endorsements.
I want to know how he manages to mix the entertainment industry with law and event and TV hosting. I want to know if this seeming versatility takes a toll on him and where he sees himself in the next 5 years. I want to ask how he deals with female attention as he gets even more recognizable around Nigeria and the world. I want to watch him explain all these while in party mode. Twisted eh? Please pick me :)

Claire has requested that we don’t post up any of the pictures of the date for personal & family reasons and although it breaks our hearts, we have no other option but to oblige one of our loyal readers.

What we can post up however is her experience of the date.

Claire‘s 360Date experience:

Strangely enough, heading to Twin Peaks for Ebuka’s 30 shades of Blue birthday party, I wasn’t nervous, lol, or so I told myself. It was almost 9pm and I was almost at the venue. I wanted to be there in time, before it got too busy so I could talk with Ebuka, you know, build “that” relationship. Yes, wishes, horses, etc. I didn’t know what to expect. Would he be friendly, would he not? Would I be part of the crowd, would I be his date? Questions upon questions racked through my mind as I drove into the venue. It is time!

 As I walked into the venue, one of the venue’s ushers walked up to me and asked if I was there for Ebuka’s party and I was about to answer when I caught side of Noble Igwe. I introduced myself and he was very pleasant as he walked me over to Ebuka where he stood chatting with a good looking young man in a blue shirt. Noble did the introductions as Ebuka smiled at me; I stretched my hand out for a handshake and was quite surprised when he moved in for a hug. Before I continue, let’s talk about that smile *deep breath*…On second thought, let’s not talk about that. Let me keep that to myself.

He ushered me to the table where he was sat with his friends and introduced me to them, I cannot begin to explain how shy and self-conscious I was at this point but I tried my hardest to hold it together. “Can’t be messing it up at this point, Claire”, I told myself. I won’t say I had a crush on Ebuka before now but I was quite enthralled about him. I watched Big Brother Nigeria religiously and thought he was cute back then but what I remember from 2006 was nothing compared to what I saw on Saturday. The man is fine!!! And the way he held conversations, the humor, that twinkle in his eyes, ok, let me stop.

As we drove around that night, club hopped and danced, I got the opportunity to learn more about the man we all see on TV, away from the red carpets and the blogs, without the smoke screen, everything. What a gentleman! It is safe to say we are now friends and I hope we will be for a long time. All in all, it was a beautiful night.

Thanks to the 360nobs team for the opportunity and bigger thanks to Ebuka Obi-Uchendu for the experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend last Saturday.



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  1. Nice write up…but I think the essence of posting this would have been for the other readers who didn’t get the chance to hang out with Ebuka to at least see a little bit of what they missed.I think its kind of lame for the winner to request that her pictures should not be posted because it definitely defeats the purpose. Common how are we now to even believe a winner was actually picked and that she actually hung out with Ebuka?..My dear team 360nobs pls insist next time that you’r obligated to show pictures to ur readers so if the winner refuses the next in line can be chosen.thank you.

    1. I totally agree with you.
      This will be the last time this sort of thing will happen .
      We are really sorry and we promise that this will not happen again.

  2. i only opened this post because i wanted to see pictures, if she knew she would not let you guys use ha pictures, she should have stayed far from the competition…. hisssssss

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