360TitBits: Goodbye Goldie #BigBrotherAfrica #Stargame (Watch the videos)

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Tonight Africa voted Nigeria’s Goldie out of the Big Brother Africa Stargame after an amazing run of 70 days in the house.

Goldie had a very emotional roller-coaster stay in the house, thanks to her unexplainable relationship with her Masai prince – Prezzo. In the days leading up to the Eviction Show, Goldie had cried a river of tears and after a horrible fight with Prezzo this afternoon, Goldie told Big Brother she does not want to spend the last 3hours of her stay in the House, fighting with the love of her life.

Both Prezzo and Goldie had been nominated and the tension in the House before the big reveal was unbearable. The two lovers stood as far apart from each other as they could and when IK announced Goldie would be leaving, the Nigerian Housemate simply walked away from Prezzo to greet everyone else.

Prezzo then followed her to the Door and said to her “I’m sorry about earlier. Can I get a hug?” to which Goldie obliged.

She went onto the stage where she was in an emotional state with IK trying to comfort her. This means that Nigeria is officially out of the StarGame after the voluntary exit of Ola and Chris.

As expected, Goldie was surprised that Keitta nominated her for eviction and cried a river that Justin Timberlake would be proud of. She said that she always cooked for Keitta and thus never saw it coming.

Enjoy the videos below. Was anyone surprised that she got evicted? Share your thoughts below!!!

Video: Goldie gets evicted.

Video: Goldie chat’s to IK, views her highlights package and responds to some questions from Twitter and Facebook fans.

 Video: Goldie in tears over Keitta



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  1. i hate prezo……………………………………………………………………………………..he is a deard man

  2. SHAME is the word 4 Goldie. Imagine crying over a married man who is not even handsome as our Naija guys. Abegi come home nd face ur music. I dnt even know d criteria 4 choosing you as Naija’s rep. U messed up big time. So na make up dey conceal ur woogly face heh? Bigtime fuckup na im b ur name.

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