360Recommends: D’Banj – Oyato

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D’Banj O Ya To!!!!

As promised, here’s D’Banj’s  brand new single “Oyato

Let’s have your thoughts on this new joint!

Yup! Get Familiar!


  D'Banj - Oyato (3.2 MiB, 16,591 hits)



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  1. Abegi. Song is very average
    DBanj pls go and sign Don Jazzy on retainer. His beats r made 4 u. J Sleeky Sleek-y no deliver on this one.

  2. nice one dbanj oma ronwo osure gan shebi pit bul ronwo i dey sure say ur style better pass pit bul nice one bro

  3. Just one of those average nija music…nothing special about the song far from been a hit…d banj is nothing with out mo hit and touch of don baba jay

  4. 2 everybody who loves and hate dis song.
    D controversy about dis single is clear and
    was specified, he wanted 2 show
    Nigerians he hasn’t forsaken his old style
    and d harmonica cuz he’s now on GOOD
    music, so y not sit down listen and stop
    criticising and saying if Don jazzy was on
    it, was Don jazzy not on “we got people
    talkin”? Good or wack he exhibited d
    content of d song.

  5. i can imagine myself in the club on a Friday grooving to this song………………. ahhhh……. nope not gonna happun, the beat is too weak, and what was that about jazzy forget @ d beginning of the song, isnt that a lil childish…. oya dbanj voltrons come and attack me..

  6. Song leaves a lot to be desired. He should have done better. He’s capable of better. Like a friend said, it gets one imagining dancing and ringing a bell like those of the white garment churches

  7. Those who dnt evn undistand †ђε lyric r even complaining…… Dis beat is far better than beats dat don Jazzy did 4 Dbanj b4 e left….. Go & listen 2 anaconda and Go Down then u’l knw dat Jazzy has notn good 4 Dbanj any more…… I love dat intro mehn “listen, Jazzy forget”

  8. my name is DJ ZAN am well know popular DJ base in EDO STATE, i wnt to ask D’BANJ question can u rock dis music if i should play dis music in da club. This music is too dull menh…u re more dan dis pls give us sometin good

  9. knw matter wat u pple re sayin D man is d best of all,but way shout about d beat 4 me is totally ok,even at club on frday dj played it nd we all dance to it,even on air diffirent radio station bang it on air nd is cul,nw u re talk about don jay to hell wit him dat one dat their track cant even rock nig talkles of outside d country accept tawa savage.kudus to dbang.sign me lol….

  10. @dj zan! You better go learn how to play!! Mumu DJ! Who know u sef?? Oga park well ooo!! Go learn work! U b disgrace to DJ’s!!!! Which song DJ no fit mix?? Mumu…….

  11. i tink my guy is more dan dis…..kip it up…wit or witout jazzy,u wil make it n wit or witout u too,jazzy wil mak it, so lets stop bin bias.
    D’banj,kip it up, ur fans r xpectin mor

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