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The New House of Nwocha Ad 2012: The House Of Nwocha Clan(Obinna(standing), Ugonna and Nnenna Omeruo(sitting) with Eva Arlordiah and Alexandra Nwokedi (Face Of Sleek 2012)

We would like to officially apologize for the miscommunication, Eva of Trybes Records was never announced as the face of HOUSE OF NWOCHA. She has only been featured in House of Nwocha’s ad for 2012.

Who is Eva Alordiah?
I’m a Rapper/Entertainer, Creative writer and Blogger. I’m a lot of things really. I love life, I come from a simple christian background and a closely knit family.

Your genre of music is basically rap. Was it a first choice or you just found yourself being great at it?
I was a first choice when I decided to do music professionally. It came naturally so it wasn’t a debate for me really. I get to sing when I want to though, I find music just fun and exciting and I’m only doing it the best most natural way that I can.

Your new song/video, HIGH, has a deep and sensitive feel to it. What birthed that song? The video was amazing too and there was a quick HON feature tell us about that.
HIGH is a special record. It’s a reflection of what goes on beneath the smile on a person’s face sometimes. I was going through a time in my life when people would smile in my face and then turn around to dig holes with 6inch heels on my back when I wasn’t looking. It basically describes rising above all the hate, spite, drama and craziness that life brings and focusing on why you are here and the things that make you happy. For me, it was music.

A lot of people have defined the song literally as it was written, but its really about a different kind of high. (Laughing) I don’t do drugs, say no to drugs please.

The HON felt perfect. I’m a fan of the brand plus I have worn a couple of elegant HON pieces. I thought it was a way to channel that relationship and we kind of found a good spot for it in the video.

However for fashion pieces, I spotted designs from “Ejiro Amos Tafiri” “Buttons Couture” and “Jaywalcar Tees”.

I really feel like the video wouldn’t have come out as great as everyone says it is if Mex wasn’t such the genius that he is. It was great working with him

What’s your take on Nigerian fashion?
Nigerian fashion has gone global.

And its beautiful to witness. I don’t even buy clothes from the store anymore. Well I rarely do these days. I’d rather have a custom made piece by a Nigerian designer. And I have been blessed to work with a number of highly talented people. MAI, who is one of my favorites, ‘House of Nwocha’, ‘Anuba Couture’, ‘Ejiro Amos Tafiri’, ‘Moofa’, ‘April by Kunbi’, uuuRRGH! The list is endless.

Nigerian fashion is on a ‘riddick’ scale! Love it.

How would you define style and what influences your choice of outfits?
Style I’d always say, is what you make of it. Style for me is me. Its a reflection of self.

I’m a very spontaneous, ‘in my own world’ kind of person when it comes to fashion and style. I’d do it for me, not to impress anyone. I am not one to take opinions from people on my style too easily. Over the years, I have crafted and groomed ‘Eva’ by myself, creating an embodiment of everything Me. And I look back today with a very proud smirk on my face.

My choice of outfits are not necessarily influenced by anything. I really can’t say. Again, I am spontaneous. Very edgy too. That means anything can become cloth wey I go just wear put for bodi. From nails, to pins, to chains, to rocks and stones. If it works, and I don’t end up looking like you, I’m happy.

Your sense of style is obviously very daring and unique. Why this choice?
It’s really who I am. I’m weird. I’m edgy. I want to feel sexy but not look like every other sexy girl. I want to exude that warm grace of a woman but not subdue all the strength that lies within by doing that. So if you had to embody Sexy, Fun, Playful, Edgy, Strong, Independent, Childish, Colorful, Crazy – all in one, you’d probably be close to what I’m thinking when I’m deciding my style.

Fashion and Music go hand in hand. Do you agree?
Oh Yes! Always.

When I started by career and I was caught up doing it all by myself, my first assignment was to get the image right. To do that I had to pull in my creative resources, borne out of a life-long love for fashion. I think a big part of the little success I have had thus far is as a result of my focus on not just my music, but on my fashion as well.

Fashion label, HOUSE OF NWOCHA, has worked with you on several occasions and you are featured in it’s 2012 Ad campaign, what does this mean to you?
For me its all fun. I’m glad to work with creative people like the HON team. I have a big love for fashion and anything that’d keep me experiencing all the joy that that brings is a welcome treat.

Ugonna, the Creative Director of HON is an amazing and daring woman. She inspires me, and her work? Effortless!

It wasn’t a business decision, It was a ‘I Love fashion and I think HON rocks too much not to do this’ situation. (Laughing)

I look forward to working with more designers like this. I could work with everyone if I was blessed with strength and time to. Fashion people are crazy people. I love them.

Eva Arlordiah for House of Nwocha: Brand Ambassador

What other aspects of fashion interest you apart from wearing designer clothes and looking fabulous? We heard you do makeup, is that true?
Haha! Your gossip sources are great! (Laughing)

Yes I’m a Makeup artist. i have been doing Makeup professionally since I was 18. It actually came naturally, borne out of the fact that I could draw pretty well. So from sketching and being the best student in fine arts back in school, I kinda fueled all that creative energy into designing clothes and painting faces.

I love every bit of it.

I started my Makeup company about 4years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

So yea, asides being a Rapper, I’m also the C.E.O of ‘makeupByOrsela. We provide Makeup artistry services in Fashion, Film/Tv, Weddings, Photography, Visuals and more.

I Love Photography. I’m also a tailor in my free time. My Mom learned how to sew when we were much younger and I picked it up from her. So when I’m not running around hustling like a man, I’d probably be in my makeup studio or at home sewing a new dress.

I find juggling music, makeup and fashion very easy though so there’s no questioning any of my decisions. I’m just really happy and I feel blessed to be able to do all the things that I do.

Advise for those who look up to you?
Do you, be true to yourself. If you fail, try try again.

Blog: http://www.evaalordiah.com | Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EvaAlordiah

Eva Arlordiah with Face Of Sleek 2012 winner, Alexandra Nwokedi

Photographer: Obi Somto
Styled by Obinna of House of Nwocha

Please visit; hseofnwocha.com



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