360Date With Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

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We at 360nobs take pride in looking out for you. We also look out for ours… That’s why we have decided to give one lucky winner and one of our darling contributors a big treat. *drumroll please* We bring to you, 360 Date: Birthday Dinner with Ebuka Obi- Uchendu.Lawyer, Journalist, *greek god*, eligible bachelor and all round gentleman Ebuka, has been one of the members of the 360nobsfamily and recently, (July 14th) he turned 30. What better way to usher him into the big 3-0 than send him on a date with one of our loyal and dedicated readers.

One lucky 360nobs reader will get the opportunity to go on an expense paid lunch date with Ebuka (ermm… We mentioned dinner date only o! but, *cough* you never know what may happen afterwards*cough*)

The lucky person will accompany him to 30 Shades of Blue with Ebuka taking place on Saturday July 21,2012 at Twin Peaks, Lagos

To be Ebuka’s lucky companion, here are the rules to play by:

  • Leave only 1 comment stating why Ebuka should choose you as his date. *multiple entries mean instant disqualification*
  • Keep it as creative and interesting as possible. *No use of foul or dirty language* Keep it PG
  • Use a valid email address in the email address column of the comment box *do not include your email & phone details (Not even BB PIN sef!) in your comment*
  • As much as possible, try to refrain from lobbying/influencing the decision on his Twitter page and other Social Media websites
  • The competition is open to everyone in Lagos and beyound
  • For those outside Lagos who wish to compete, you will have to arrange how to get to Lagos on your own if chosen.
  • Commenting is open from now till 11:59pm on Thursday (July 19) . *any comments after that will not be valid *

The man, himself, Ebuka  will go through all comments and decide who he would like to go on a date with and then the 360nobs team will contact the lucky winner via email to make all the necessary arrangements.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, EBUKA!!! IT’S GAME TIME!!!

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  1. In the words or Meredith Grey “Pick me, choose me,…”
    You get my point sha.
    Plus I could really do with some fun and I’d love to pick your brain. That’s what fascinates me about you the most :).
    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Yay! A date I can compete for as soon as I get over my shyness. Let’s see…pick me because:
    1.We’d have a great evening
    2.If you love dancing, its WIN-WIN lol!
    3.It’s my birthday in a couple of days(27th) so it’d be an awesome gift.
    4.I think we’d have a lot to talk about so it won’t be *silence* awkward *more silence* lol!
    Aii I think I’ve grinned/semi-blushed enough for one morning so I’ll stop there but I’d love to find out who Ebuka is :).

  3. Character says it all…A lady few of words I am.kind of an introvert and hoping to challenge myself…

  4. Cos I need someone to teach me to do the azonto! That rasta dude in denim shorts on youtube just isnt working for me.

  5. Oh did I see ‘greek god’? Mmmm how come I’ve never met you at the greek gods-and-goddesses’ lounge? 😉 Ok. Pick me cos…just cos I want to hav dinner. With Ebuka. At twin peaks. On saturday. 21st july. Lol. Ok seriously, cos I’m an interesting and intellectual person that luvs to hav fun. Pronto. P.s pardon my not too hilarious jokes I’m saving my a-game for a one-on-one. God’s blessings on your big 30!

  6. Lobbying and influencing decisions through twitter and other (social & OTHER) media should be allowed. Happy Birthday in advance Ebuka. I’ll play when Noble is up for grabs 🙂

  7. ‘cos its the smart thing to do….and you are smart…..and hooootttt *smiles* Happy belated 30th birthday,God’s blessings-1 wife,plenty children,plenty wealth and more brain!!*smile*……my boss is right beside me and I’m smiling like a monkey,God help me

  8. Hmmm..dis is really interesting lol. If I should ask u 2 pick me it would just be bcuz I really want 2 meet u and share in your intelligent ideas..by d way am passionate law student so I guess we v a lot 2 discuss..

  9. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    haba noble una,.,so u ppl have plotted to block my destiny true true?wallahi this is unbelievable!my one chance to meet the father of my pikins!it just had to be in july ehhnnn??”tweff” months in a year, its july una take see ehn??God pu…….fogeritt mehnn! chai e painn!
    @ EBUKA,.,.i know u will read this,.,so uhmm here it goes, *coughs *, *smooths blouse, prims hair, inserts sugary voice*
    hi booo, so yes,first things first, i have picked a date for our wedding,.,2014!i know *blushes* i’m exited too hunny!wat is that??no now its not too soon!we can date throughout 2013,.,.dat long courtship thing na long thing, i no fit! nway, destination- tahiti,.,.wat again??ha’an u complain a lot oh!we can afford it le-rax baby!my legal firm pays well,.,yes yes i’m a lawyer too, how perfecty walt-disney compatible are we right??and i know ur doin great financialy urself!so no biggie there. i initially wanted us to elope, just d two of us, but u see my crazy fulani family celebrate each wedding like a full blown circus/carnival and they’d rather feast on sylvesters poo(our golden retriever)for the rest of their lives than fathom d thought dat i fit run away wit man go marry jus ly dat, so lets pirry dem. we need their blessings. plus i know mum and dad(ur parents) wont be too happy as well. wat???ppl i’m warnin u oh,stop chokin eye 4 our mata,i can famzz all i want with my to-be-inlaws jare!face ya front!ehen baby,.,.as i was sayin ??yes,.,.,our babies,.,.,caramel curly haired preciousness!i just know it! 3 of them,.,imagine how cute their names wud be .fulani+ igbo!chai omalicha(hope i used it correctly..hehe!) blue ivy can like to swallow alomo bitter!okay, these blog gehs haff started eyeing me,me ma i knw come understand their problem ohh!persin no fit talk to hin honey sugar sweerie pie lemonade again??hian!lemme cut this short sha!i cant wait to meet u darling. noble nd his team haff poured sand inside my garri this time around but all is well,.,God pass dem .dey cannot stop us!WE .SHALL .MEET.sooonn!i can feel it!i love u babyyyyyy!
    p.s i forbid u from forming any meaningful relationship with all daughters of eve b4 i show up!
    lagos ”carnivores-ess” stay da £$%^ away from my MAN! oh ur askin me y ehn??because i can arrange to get bones broken! just a tip,.,hope we have reached an understanding?i thot so……*wink*

    1. Ebuka,look no further.This is your girl. Just rearrange the date to fit he schedule.
      ihie ka love o. Ana eji ya egwu egwu.

  10. First of all, Happy Birthday Ebuka!

    I’m a good-hearted girl with few friends and very little fun in her life. Oh yeah, I did go to a club for the very 1st time this year. I spent the night out and I was truly fascinated with the amount of people ‘grooving’ into the morning. I felt like I had missed out on so much in my many nights of blissful sleep. Haha. Oh no, I’m very much of age, I just don’t go out much.

    Anyways, It’d be really fab to come out of my shell once again and party like a rockstar with you. Lunch would really just be a bonus for me, nothing as good as free food 🙂


  11. Happy Birthday (in arrears) Ebuka!

    I’m a good-hearted girl with few friends and very little fun in her life. Oh yeah, I did go to a club for the very 1st time this year. I spent the night out and I was truly fascinated with the amount of people ‘grooving’ into the morning. I felt like I had missed out on so much in my many nights of blissful sleep. Haha. Oh no, I’m very much of age, I just don’t go out much.

    Anyways, It’d be really fab to come out of my shell once again and party like a rockstar with you. Lunch would really just be a bonus for me, nothing as good as free food 🙂


  12. Happy Birthday dear.
    Ebuka, am not praising myself but I believe that the reasons why you should pick me are just simple:
    1. Am a jolly and funny girl( no dull moment with me)
    2. As a legal luminary *in a Baritone* u could give me tips as to how I can pass my bar finals (please don’t tell me to soak my legs in water all night to stay awake cos I would cry)
    3. We could make good conversation varying from various topics.
    4. I am a “confirmed” Ibo babe. So the date ga-adi egwu that’s if u pick me.

  13. Happy birthday in arrears ebuka… I’m glad 360nobs put you up to this.. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ lmaooo.. I wish I’ll be picked sha.. It would be a fun and memorable day.. Hope you have fun though.. Bye 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday Ebuka. My reason is so simple. I am in Love with you. (2006-n counting) If u pick me, I’ll b glad, if u don’t I’ll still keep praying for u (Long life, prosperity and wisdom) Choose wisely love.

  15. Hello Ebuka,

    Happy Birthday in arrears and i hope you have a good birthday party. I also think its weird that people have to come on here and try to cajole you into spending your birthday night with you. You seem like a pretty interesting person, intelligent too but a little too plastic and out there for me-maybe its just me-but i’ll pass on this ‘glorious’ opportunity. I do pray you find success beyond your wildest dreams.

  16. EBUKA!!!!!! Happy birthday in arrears!! BIG 30!! :). LOL!!! I really wanna go on a date with you!! Just this once! I have been crushing on you since when I was in ss1.now almost a graduate from unilag in 2months!! Omg!me and my friends from BBN you and katung! And then all the shows!! Its just been a long run!! You just have a great sense of humor!! Your fashion!!* *striking*enough about you tho! Now the reason why you should pick me as your date is I know a lot about you!!!!, and I feel you should know at least something about me!! 😉 *me in one word ‘FUN!!!!!!! 😀 biko horum! Even if you don’t, I still love you!!!!!!! *plenty kisses* BLESS

  17. Hey Bubu,

    Happy birthday buddy…Rem the big girl that accosted you at last year’s house party?

    That’s me.

    Have fun and may your new year be more fruitful and Jesus-filled.

  18. I’d rather not say much. I would REALLY like to go on a date with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu because he is smart and good-looking, a devout catholic and smart to boot. I would like to sit with him to knock heads regarding some of his past ThisDay article, ask him why he chose to go this direction with his YNaija writing, as well as, his stance with Guinness and Glo after his endorsements. I want to know how he manages to mix the entertainment industry with law and event and TV hosting. I want to know if this seeming versatility takes a toll on him and where he sees himself in the next 5 years. I want to ask how he deals with female attention as he gets even more recognizable around Nigeria and the world. I want to watch him explain all these while in party mode. Twisted eh? Please pick me 🙂

  19. I’m like an electromagnet,only a magnent when there is flow of current buh stops being one when the current stops….my strong point is my listening ear,I don’t ever get tired of listening.m.pls pick me…. Happy birthday in arrears

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