@toptosyn’s 7 Days: The Hardest Seven

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Sunday started and continued one way, and then it became o so different.

I went for one of those ‘’o this meeting could be the start of something great where years from now we would be like, remember when me met one simple Sunday years ago’’ kind of meetings.

And at some point between the close of the formal meeting and the start of the informal ‘’where the drinks at’’ meeting, we heard the sky fell down.

Of course, as with alot of things in life, you say a quick prayer because at that time, you have no idea just how close to home things were.

#Dana3612 as some now call it, would later become a reference point for how ineffective our emergency services in Nigeria are, how bad air travel really is in Nigeria and how clueless or seemingly clueless our leadership is in Nigeria, but at 7pm, it became the plane that took my friends away.


The morning after.

Radio is a funny place to work. You can be heartbroken, but you still have to go to work. You may have a headache, but you still have to work. And you could have cried yourself to sleep the night before but you still have to go to work, and in my case, somehow shout ‘’Area’’.

I remember having to go to work the day after Dagrin died. I would go on air, come off, cry, go back…. And i had to do that again.

But radio is also a constant reminder that life goes on. You wake up and think, surely life has stopped. Noone is going to work today surely. The birds aren’t going to chirp today surely. But you get to work and realise, it is not about you or about those that feel like you. When there are thousands of people listening to you, you find a balance between disaster and life.

I have to admit, i spent most of Monday listening to the saddest songs i could find. As more names were revealed and more dp’s were changed, it seemed to me that this was the blackest week ever. There was someone who knew someone who knew someone.

There were cousins, aunties, uncles, former classmates, colleagues, fiancées, daughters, sons, mothers, friends, customers, clients… And #DANA3612 was not just about those on the plane. It was about those in Iju-Ishaga who lost lives, property and sleep. For as Ebuka asked on twitter, will the residents of that area get therapy? I mean, imagine the trauma they go through every time a plane flies ahead.


It didn’t get easier.


We celebrated lives on the show as we got people to make dedications, prayers and so on. And of course, there was also the #Top5At10

–          5. 9ice ‘’Everyday’’

–          4. Iyanya ‘’Kukere’’

–          3. Mushin Boi ‘’Be na ni’’

–          2. Slim T ‘’Lagosians’’

–          1. Dayve McCoy ‘’Fi mi shako’’

One Mic Naija made more announcements about performers for #OneMicJune. The April edition got featured on 53 Extra. You can watch online here



I finally was able to put a bit of what i felt down on my blog.


She couldn’t make it on the show the previous week so i was very excited to reschedule for today! I am talking about the very lovely Chidinma. Everytime i see her again, she seems to be glowing and looking even more petite and finer. I asked her for her beauty tips but she wouldn’t give them up! *sigh*

Her self titled album is out on sale now and with songs like ‘’Kedike’’, ‘’Jankoliko’’ and ‘’Run dia mouth’’ and artistes like Olamide, Sound Sultan, Blaise and Eva on it, it’s a good buy!


After the show on Friday, i had a meeting with my crazy colleagues. Tried to get a picture with them but like a ‘Wanted’ poster, no one wanted one. I’ll get it at the next meeting though. I’ll do it candid camera style!

I watched ‘’The Bachelorette’’ or at least, tried to watch it. I always start then get angry and pick up a good book instead. ‘’The Bachelor’ doesn’t make me any happier. Like, honestly??????????????????????

That’s how angry i get!

And sometimes i scream ‘’SHUT UP!’’

They always sound so sincere. Yeah right! Close your eyes, ini mini mani mo your way out!

One Mic Naija also released the full list of performers and the headliner for #OneMicJune!

Dark Poet, Makiller, Maytronomy, Mo Eazy, the Winner of Top Radio’s Next Top Talent competition, and Saeon with Trybe Records latest signee, EVA headlining!


For some reason, i decided to declare Saturday #AgathaChristieDay on twitter and i asked questions like

–          What Agatha Christie novel did you read last?

–          What is your favourite Agatha Christie novel

–          Poirot or Marple?

I also re-read ‘’And then there was none’’ and honestly, this book needs a Hollywood fast action remake. It starts out gripping you and is really unputdownable!

agatha christie's 'and then there were none'

Someone asked me ‘’Who the …. is that?’’ on twitter, and another, ‘’is that one of the presidents?’.

(cue tears)

Google is your friend o my brothers and sisters. The ever giving friend!

I also finally downloaded the ‘’mypicmix’’ application and started messing around with it. Here’s one of the images i ‘mixed’So it’s Sunday morning and i am once again rushing this in before the Oye ping!

Have yourself a lovely blessed week. Remember, we may only live once, but if we live well, once is enough!

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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