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My mission, and i have chosen to accept it, is to get this in before Oye pings asking for it. I shall let you know which came first, the ‘ping’ or the ‘send’.


The good thing about having a million and one things to do on a Sunday is that you move around a lot quicker. And that just helps you notice how much we spend in traffic as Lagosians.

Speaking of ‘Lagosians’, i was at the video shoot for the song by Slim T of the same title. Slim T is signed to Tripcity, same as Tasti, Ola and Sukiyaki. The shoot seemed like fun, and i saw Efa, Elbama, Funbi, Tasti, and more. Can’t wait to see what the final product will look like

It was Rogba and Bio’s son’s birthday party as well and yes, i am one of those aunties. I walk away with a gift bag. It can be Hannah Montana, Disney Princesses or Ben 10, i don’t care men! Give me a pack! Is it not forever young we all sing? *brings out hello kitty candy*
Sunday evening meant a trip to The Avenue Suites for ‘MTV MEETS’ Season 2 where i had a truly amazing night! I am sort of a twitter addict, and i can type pretty fast on laptop and phone keypads so when i heard someone would be winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab on the night, something told me ‘e fit be me’. I have not won anything before o. I drink all the cola in the world and look under the crowns- nada! But i knew. Tonight i would!
And i did.
They gave us some impossibly long text to tweet and i just started typing.
I was so excited though, especially as my friend, T, also won. Infact, HE won twice! And i officially became his good luck charm!
There is a way you can be so excited on Sunday that it carries over to Monday. And that was my story this week. Monday was simple enough. Work, including an interview with someone from a college in Canada.
I spent time off-air asking about Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morisette. And! When you see me chilling with Ryan soon, don’t hate o! Ehen!TUESDAYSimple Tuesday! Thankfully, it wasn’t anti-climactic.What is an anti-climactic Tuesday?

Well let’s see. Inspite of all the hate it gets, Monday is actually not a bad day. There is work to do, some chilling to chill and most of the Monday jokes get you by. For me, i even always wake up on Mondays with so much energy that you would think i slept in an oxygen tank.

But Tuesdays? You hit that snooze button more than once, you become the office grouch, and you just want Wednesday to come by now now now!

Maybe that’s just me!

I got some good news on Tuesday. Well my sister did. But hey! Her companies have been nominated in the The Nigerian Event Awards, three categories. Best Event Planning Company (Zapphaire Events), Best Ushering Company (Zapphaire Ushers) and Best Decor Company (Furtullah Concepts and Designs). Wishing her all the best.

And also to Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Toolz, Twiterave, 360Nobs and all other nominees in various categories, i say congratulations! ‘’Jeans for Genes 2’ won in the Best Charity or Cause Event category last year so i know how it feels! And a quick thank you to all who support  These Genes.

Speaking of These Genes, Tuesday was World Sickle Cell Awareness Day. Here is a video i made for ‘Passion of Praise’ answering the question #WhatIsSickleCell



The #Top5At10 continues to get even more interesting! Here’s a look at this week’s countdown

–          5. Christine ‘’My Daddy’

–          4. Aramide ‘’It’s Over’

–          3. Slim T ‘’Lagosians’

–          2. Saeon ft Flowsick ‘’Lie’’

–          1. Clay ft Vector ‘’Dancing in the Sun’

#OneMicNaija #OneMicJune is this Sunday so as usually happens, this week was all about rehearsals.

Rehearsals was fun though! Sometimes at rehearsals, i am like, ‘’this is the show! Without the clothes and the ambience’’. But rehearsals are always crazy. And it is also a great time to catch up with the artistes


The longest week day for me by far!

My mission on Thursday, was to find THE OUTFIT.

The Outfit on this occasion was the one outfit i could wear and turn from casual to ‘party’. And i went for this simple navy blue dress with flats during the day and heels in the evening.


Well first i had to be at work, and then i had to go with some One Mic Naija performers on their media tour. And then! Later that evening at Rodizzio, it was the Official Unveiling of the Next Top Talent Season 1. There were performances by JPX, Big Choll and Yemi Alade and it was hosted by Top Radio OAPs like Wyse, Aramide and Uche.


Friday was the last day of rehearsals and it was a long but totally fun day! Check out some of the rehearsal videos i made.
I do hope you come for #OneMicJune because Cody Blazz, Dark Poet, MAK(iller), Maytronmy, Mo Eazy, Saeon and Eva the headliner are not even playing!
After rehearsals i went for someone special’s birthday. Aramide is one of Nigeria’s biggest soul divas out there. She’s been in Jos but is now in the entertainment capital of Naija and is newly signed to Trybe Records. Personally, i am on #TeamAramide, career-wise, and just because she is a beautiful person in and out!
SATURDAYSaturday morning brought rain. But i had to get up to support Tosin Jegede and her 1 Child 1 Book project.This Saturday, they treated the kids to new books and talks and a competition or two at Methodist Boys High School. It was nice giving a talk to 10 to 13 year olds. And one of the things i told them was, “Don’t be in such a hurry, enjoy the journey”.

I think someone must have told me that at some point but i didn’t listen. But when not completing your maths assignment is the only thing you have to worry about, then you don’t even know you’re living in good times! Wait until you need to fuel your car and pay your rent.

I spent the rest of my Saturday tying up last minute One Mic Naija loose ends and praying for a call.

Did it come?

Check Tosyn’s Next 7 Days for answers!

In the meantime, remember, if you keep living by other peoples’ rules, you will wake up at 50 wondering what happened to your life. And then you will realise- other people lived it!

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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