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I am writing this like the movie- Fast and Furious.

Due to reasons I shall reveal next week by Gods’ Grace, this is coming in VERY late

Sunday began with tea! If I could, I would write an ode to tea. That’s how much I love the stuff.

A cup of tea calms me down like almost nothing else will. It is, like my other addiction, one of the cheapest ways to be happy!I spent some of my day as a Naija Ninja in training. No, no black or any other belt for me. I mean, I spent it as Tosyn/CON.tra.diction, at Sound Sultan’s studio working on a song. Or well, a remix to a song.

Hung out with him and Tintin my crazy but uber talented producer (‘Enjoy’ Pope da Hitman, ‘Lagosians’ Slim T, ‘Ya Father’ Eva, ‘Superstar’ CON.tra.diction’ and more)

Sound Sultan is not only one of the best but the most under celebrated legend I’ve ever known. Me thinks he’s a genius.

Got home to a pleasant surprise- I have a new puppy.  He’s the cutest and (found this out later), the naughtiest!

Thanks to a poll on twitter, his name is Loki. Or ‘smallest dog’ as we lazily call him.Monday

This season isn’t the friendliest for me. The cold tends to cause a lot of clumping together of cells. That’s how Monday began for me.
Thankfully, I was able to do the show, hang out with my friend, and also do some work online. I worked on my reverbnation page as well. Pls check my new page out – www.reverbnation.com/MissContradiction

By the way, I had the funniest experience at the bank. The doors literally wouldn’t let me in till I had taken off everything but my jeans and top. I almost cried

Tuesday was spent in meetings, one of which I went to with Coldflames. Coldflames is a producer and runs Flaming Media. He produces a lot of Clay’s songs and mine as well. (‘Dreams’ and ‘Fimisile’)

I tried to take a picture with him but he was driving and we were in traffic. No way was I putting my phone outside the car in traffic. E se

Wednesday turned out to be a quiet day. I didn’t mind, I had a long weekend ahead starting with Thursday and I needed all the rest I could get!

Thursday was just a special day. It started out with me excited- I was going to be chatting with the EME fam. I hadn’t seen nor interviewed Banky W in a bit and I was looking forward to that. Plus I had a drama skit prepared and I just felt it was going to be fun.It was. The interview itself, the azonto dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me Maybe”, the fun off-air as well as on, and the drama skit. Enjoy

I also finally made a new Vlog. Apart from the Vlog-Artiste-Block I seemed to have been experiencing, the ones I did take a stab at either suffered from bad camera angles or bad face day. And you can’t wear hats on your face.

But thankfully, with help from Shade and Uche, I made this one.


And then the day got really interesting.

In that ‘No one really knows what’s going to happen the next second of their life’  kind of way.

Like literally, one second I was trying to cross the road, and the next, I was getting hit.


Like with a new exercise regime, and unless you had a previously fractured arm to contend with, it’s the day after that brings the pain.You always look at the bright side though. Without pain, you wouldn’t appreciate great health!

At work, we revealed the winner of the Next Top Talent competition which had been running for weeks now. The winner was decided by callers’ votes. Congratulations to C-Blaise who now gets to work with Vector, gets new beats courtesy Kollo, gets a video shot and directed by Akin Alabi films, and performs at #OneMicJune

Speaking of #OneMicJune, it’s this Sunday, (24th), at Browns Cafe, Oduduwa Crescent, GRA Ikeja, 4pm. Tickets, N1000
Come see Eva Alordiah, Dark Poet, Maytronomy, Makiller, Mo Eazy, Saeon and C-Blaize live!!!

Friday was altogether a good day. Shout out to @ToyitanAdigun for my new teddy! Love eet!

(It’s name is ‘Nameless For Now’)

It’s World Sickle Cell Day on Tues June 19th and SAAMI, Progeny Foundation and These Genes SCP organised an indoor picnic with music by Ruby, Sammy, Yemi Alade, Clay and Big T.
I was also back as a judge at City Of David’s “God’s Kids Got Talent” which Lala hosted. It was fun but trust, no one wants to see a three year old cry because she danced her best but didn’t make it to the Top Three. *sigh* You may know her as Jibola or Ayana. I like to call her ‘Jybbs’. She’s been managing Swe for six years but is now leaving. And Swe sent her off royally with a lovely party on Saturday.  She didn’t know this but we had gone in during the week to give shout outs. It was great seeing her cry in joy when it aired.

Jybbs! May God continue to bless and keep you o!
And there you have it!

Another fun FILLED week for me. How was your week?

@toptosyn. Talk to me!

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor, morning show host on Top Radio 90.9, Writer, Singer-Songwriter and C.E.O of s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking.

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