THE ONE-ON-ONES: Kid Konnect (Season 1, Episode 3).

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Good Morning!!

On today’s episode, I enjoyed the company of one of the most in-demand producers at the moment, former US-based beat-master, KidKonnect.

Wana: ‘Morning bruv!
Kidkonnect: Good morning, how goes it?

Wana: It goes extremely well. How’s you?
Kidkonnect: Busy with projects, so can’t complain.

Wana: Hmmm… Seems you’re highly in demand… Hustle is paying off 😀
Kidkonnect: Slowly, but surely my man.

Wana: Amen!!! So what’s your full name?
Kidkonnect: Olakunle Olumide Oluwadiya

Wana: So you’re yoruba? :O
Used to think you were Hausa… Don’t ask me why 😐
Kidkonnect: 100% Ekiti man…
Loooool that’s a first.

Wana: Ekiti… So you eat dogs?
Kidkonnect: Yes… Your relations taught us… We are forever grateful 🙂 (Y)

So where did the name Kid Konnect come from?
Kidkonnect: Lool… Honestly, I’m not sure. I used to go by a lot of wack names before like DJ Magic, Skorch Patternz, Flipa…

Wana: DJ Magic? LOOOL… Doesn’t sound bad… DJ Juju will have been sick though 😀
Kidkonnect: Then one day, I was taking a shit and the name “Kid Konnect” just popped outta nowhere.
As soon as I flushed, I checked on the net to see if anybody else had the name and nobody did, so it stuck.

Wana: Ah… Toilet inspiration is always the best.
Kidkonnect: Lol

Wana: I used to think you ran an underground child prostitution ring were you connected small kids to rich old men.
Kidkonnect: Why do you keep confusing me with yourself? 😐

Wana: LOOOOOOOOL…. Nah man… What’s your date of birth?
Kidkonnect: Dec 15th 1980something

Wana: Small pikin 😐
Why production? Why not be an artiste yourself?
Kidkonnect: I actually started out as a rapper… Not a very good one though lol.
But I’d make my own beats and people would prefer that to my rapping so I stuck with it.

Wana: So you feel it’s easier to produce beats than to write lyrics?
Kidkonnect: Nah… People don’t give good songwriters enough credit… It’s not easy!
But for me, production is much easier… It comes natural to me.

Wana: What was your first major production?
Kidkonnect: Hmmm… It would have to be “Spray Me Money” by former Trybe records artist OlaDELe back in 2007.

Wana: Wow. You’ve been active for that long? Woooow.
Kidkonnect: Yeah… I officially made production my career in 2008.

Wana: Hmm. So in all these years, who’s the best artiste you’ve worked with?
Kidkonnect: Haaa… I don’t have a best to be honest…. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of dope acts, so I’m just thankful for that.

Wana: Well, I’m still digging The Bandits EP…. Kahli Abdu is a beast. Nigga gat promise.
Kidkonnect: Kahli is definitely one of my favorites emcees of all time.

Wana: What’s your relationship status?
Kidkonnect: In a relationship with my iMac.

Wana: Hahahahaha… Your iMac is your other half?
You’re lonely bro 🙁
Kidkonnect: Yep 🙁

Wana: Why though? No woman fine enough?
Kidkonnect: Ahh No ooh… Lagos is filled with fine babes… I’m just not in a relationship with any of them.

Wana: How sad 🙁 … Me I’m in a relationship with like 7 girls… #AsABoss 😀
Kidkonnect: Do the girls know?

Wana: They don’t 🙁
What do you use as inspiration/motivation before you get to work?
Kidkonnect: I use any and everything…
But I’m always inspired by pictures

Wana: Hmmm. Pictures of what, exactly?
Kidkonnect: Anything cool. 😐

Wana: Like pictures of me abi? I understand 😀
Kidkonnect: #Pause

What’s your biggest fear?
Kidkonnect: Women with beards.

Wana: Oh my God.
Kidkonnect: Fo’real bro!! They are scary!!

Wana: So if you were being seduced by a bearded woman, and the devil’s pursuing you, you’ll go with the devil?
Kidkonnect: Yes!!!

Wana: You’re evil…
What’s your most prized possession?
Kidkonnect: My Penis.

Wana: I do not even want to know why.
What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
Kidkonnect: Lemme see… I took this babe to Mr Biggs… Yep… That’s about it.

Wana: Awwwn… You’re so romantic…
What’s the craziest/weirdest thing you’ve done in public?
Kidkonnect: Hmmm… I had sex in a library once, during exam season. 😀

Wana: E sure me die say you fail all your exams for that semester.
Kidkonnect: Hahahahahaha.

Wana: You have any animals/pets?
Kidkonnect: Yes nah … In my stew.

Wana: All ye dog-eaters… *smh*
What sports are you into?
Kidkonnect: American football.

Wana: Ya just a weirdo, oga.
Basketball dey, normal football dey, ya following NFL. Hian.
Kidkonnect: I love it jor. Used to play it a few years back sef.

Wana: For real? What position?
Kidkonnect: Linebacker 😀

Wana: Allow me laugh small abeg…
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😀
What’s your worst childhood memory?
Kidkonnect: I remember seeing a skinny black father christmas… Was terrifying…

Wana: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO… I’m so sorry… That must have been terrifying…
What’s the most common item in your fridge?
Kidkonnect: Ketchup

Wana: You’re officially the weirdest person I know… Like really… You dey use the ketchup brush teeth? *smh*
Let’s round this up… Imma give you some choices and you’ll choose one… Ready?
Kidkonnect: Okay (Y)

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Kidkonnect: Dodo!!!

Wana: Noooooooo!!!! #TeamMoinMoin 🙁
Mercy Johnson or Ini Edo?
Kidkonnect: Mercy Johnson! 😉

Wana: Baba get eye…
Love or your career?
Kidkonnect: Career.

Wana: Ah… Typical Nigerian nigga…
Thanks for the chat, KidKonnect.
‘Twas awesome ^_^
Kidkonnect: (Y)
Even the people I thought were straight up business have funny sides! Hahaha!

Same time, next week, and check out who’s funny side we’re bringing out!

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