THE ONE-ON-ONES: DIPP (Season 1, Episode 5).

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Hey folks!!!

It’s another Thursday morning, which means another One-on-One!!! Today, I have with me, arguably the best dancer in the Nigerian music industry, the multi-talented DIPP. Enjoy!

Wana: Good afternoon, Dipp!
Dipp: Good afternoon to you too, boss.

Wana: How things dey go?
Dipp: We dey push am small small!

Wana: Na so oh… One day one day e go reach there 🙂
Dipp: You don reach already nah.

Wana: Hahahaha? Where I don reach?
First things first… What’s your full name?
Dipp: Oladipupo Ogundele

Wana: :O
Dipp: Yes! Yes! I know! I don’t look Yoruba, right?

Wana: Wow.
You’re sure you’re not Igbo?
Dipp: X_X. Then I’d be a Chukwuma or a Pius!!! No sir, I’m not!!! 😀

Wana: Ogbeni, no dey lie for us… You be Igbo guy… On Kosorombe with Dagrin, your Yoruba sounded like an Igbo boy’s Yoruba 😐
Dipp: At all. I grew up in the North sef, so I can’t sound like any tribe right now.
I wish I could speak the language though.

Wana: Loooooool… Why would you wish you could speak Igbo? Do you want to sing romantic songs in Igbo ni? /:)
Dipp: Before?

Wana: Hahahahahahaha. I cannot wait to hear those…
Dipp: Igbo people can be very interesting. The culture is rich, their food is full of varieties, and they have beautiful ladies there (Let’s not focus on the dark side, all tribes have their shortcomings!) Plus the East is another market on its own.

Wana: LOOOOOOOOOL… Let us leave the dark side oh!
Asides from DIPP, what other names do you go by?
Dipp: Well… Besides Dipp, Halfman-halfamayzine! Because I sing and perform. The man is for the singing part(which technically refers to my sensual/emotional side) and the amayzine just refers to the part of me that amazes the crowd during stage performances. #Gbam.

Wana: Loooooooooooooooooooool. Nice! People usually say you’re the best dancer in the Nigerian music industry, asides P-Square. True or false?
Dipp: I dunno about that, bruv… I’ve seen people that can really move…

Wana: Looool. Like me abi? 😐
Dipp: You know this?

Wana: I know it oh! 😀
Dipp: Ehen!

Wana: What are your hobbies?
Dipp: Well… Movies, rehearsals (dancing), singing, hanging out with friends (not necessarily clubbing though)
You know… The usual stuff everyone does.

Wana: Which is easier for you, dancing or singing?
Dipp: Kai… Hmmm… Lemme see..

Wana: Looool… Oya see well oh.
Dipp: They both have their moments. It should be… Aargh!!! Omo I don’t know oh… Never compared ’em before. They are two separate parts of me.

Wana: Looooool.
You said you’re into movies, yeah? What’s the first movie you saw that made you cry?
Dipp: Hmmm. That’ll be either The Champ or Braveheart.

Wana: You cried during Braveheart? That boring film? Hian!
Dipp: Well…

Wana: *smh*
What’s your relationship status? I’m sure there are some girls out there that’d want to pop off selecta with you. 😉
Dipp: Huh? Ewoooooo. Pop-kini?

Wana: Loooool. You have a wife?
Dipp: no… Not married.

Wana: But you’re not searching?
Dipp: Not reallly though.

Wana: Hmmm. I must get to the bottom of this issue. Is it that there’s a girl already, or you’re just putting your career before love?
Dipp: Nothing like that… It can be complicated mixing career and love though. And truth be told, it’s important to know how to manage them and have an understanding partner…
It can’t be easy.

Wana: Hmmm. Wise words.
What was the first thing you did for money?
Dipp: I worked hard 😀

Wana: Loooool. What was the work?
Dipp: I wasn’t a gigolo if that’s what you’re asking… Didn’t wash dead bodies either! 😐

Wana: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh my God!!!!! =))
Do people wash dead bodies for money?
Dipp: No… They wash for Gala. 😐
I worked in a multinational company jor.

Wana: LMFAOOOOOOOO. Wow. You started big. Nice.
What’s your happiest moment ever?
Dipp: When I got my Grammy. 😐

Wana: Uhm… Grammy for what category?

Wana: No worry… Rock Your Body go win Grammy. E sure me 🙂
Do you have any addictions?
Dipp: 😡

Wana: Hahahahahahahahaha! No bring that one here!
Oya just say one:(
Dipp: Okay… Just one… *sigh*… Indomie.

Indomie, really? LOOOOOOOL
Dipp: X_X… That’s the mildest though… I can’t reveal the others.

Wana: Hahahahaha… I have ideas at what they are already… But let’s keep it lowkey.
Who’s your nigerian female celebrity crush?
Dipp: Nigerian? None.

Wana: 😮 You’re weird oh.
Off all the sexy celebs in this country, not one?
Dipp: I am?

Wana: Yes nah… With the Mercy Johnson’s and Yemi Alade’s that we have.
Are you into football?
Dipp: Not at all.

Wana: What sport are you into then?
Dipp: Play Station.

Wana: LOOOOOOOOL. *smh*
What do you consider as the worst part of your body/personality?
Dipp: Well… That’s a tough one…

Wana: Loool. Think jor. What would you like to change about Dipp?
Dipp: Physically? Nothing!
Psychologically, perhaps better level of discipline.

Wana: Hmmm… So in your mind your body is a 10? If you be 10, wetin me I go come be? 😐

Wana: Hmmm… All ye celebrities have that in common… Some cannot even keep to ordinary time…

Wana: Do you have a favorite eatery/restaurant?
Dipp: Nope I don’t… Anywhere there’s good food, me I go chop!

Wana: Ah… I know your type :x… Oya let’s wrap up…
I’ll give you some choices, and you’ll choose one… Ready?
Dipp: Okay 🙁

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Dipp: Moin-moin that’s well made oh.

Wana: Yaaaaaaaayy!!!! Finally!!!! Someone that has taste!!! Everybody that’s been on this series before, preferred Dodo 🙁
Dipp: Hahahaha. Moin-Moin oh.

Wana: Women or Cars?
Dipp: Ah… Both oh.

Wana: No oh… You have to choose one.
Dipp: Hmmm… Then I guess it’s my woman over any car.

Wana: Blackberry or iPhone?
Dipp: BB.

Wana: Wa shere!!!
Thanks for chatting with me, Dipp.
Dipp: Yes Boss!!!
Finally!!! Someone that likes Moin-Moin.. Was beginning to think I was all alone in the world…

I never knew people washed dead bodies for Gala though… I’m learning new things and enjoying myself with these interviews… I hope you’re enjoying yourself too!

Catch you next Thursday!
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  1. I like that Dipp has a sense of humor. Unlike some stiff pple. Wana u are amazing jor. That said, let me go and start crushing on Dipp

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