THE ONE-ON-ONES: Cyrus Tha Virus (Season 1, Episode 2)

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Good Morning!!!

For today’s episode, I caught up with one of the most talented rap acts out of Edo, Arrow Gang’s Cyrus Tha Virus.

Wana: Good morning, bruv!
Cyrus Tha Virus: Good morning! What’s poppin’ man? How you dey?

Wana: Omo we poppin’ Eva bottles oh 🙁 … You good?
Cyrus: Yep! I’m always good! And Eva no bad na! ‘Cause I don’t do alcohol. Make we dey pop dey go oh! Lmao!

Wana: Loooool…What’s your full name?
Cyrus: My full name is Damon Joseph Momoh

Wana: Damon? Hmmmm… Nice!
So where did “Cyrus Tha Virus” come from?
Cyrus: Cyrus the Virus was the villian played by John Malkovich in the movie “Con Air”. He starred opposite Nicolas Cage. I liked the character ’cause even as bad he was, he was also intelligent. And the “Virus” kinda stuck ’cause I read Microbiology too. Awon brilliant guyses!:D

Wana: Con Air? Nicolas Cage?… I don’t think I’ve seen the film jor… The film is probably old, and me na small pikin  :]x
Cyrus: So you never see Con Air? You are dulling… Like DULLapo! 😐

Wana: Leave me jor… I go find am later.
Do you have any other nicknames?
Cyrus: HAA!!! Nick names are many oh!
I got Cyrus Tha Virus, C da V, Mr-No-Jimmy-The-Cricket (’cause I got no conscience), Onesimus Rap-O-Populous, Cyandie, the Brown destroyer…..

Wana: Loooooooooooooool
Cool names… Cool names…
Cyrus: And of course, Bastard, the one my ex-girlfriends call me.:|

Wana: Hahahahaahahahahaha!!! I like your ex-girlfriends’ nickname best.
Cyrus: Ferk you son! Was your sister amongst them ni?

Wana: LOOOOL. I no get sister :p
Cyrus: That’s not what she told me oh!!! She even showed me pictures of both of you as babies.

Wana: *smh* What’s your date of birth?
Cyrus: Who no get birthdate? I be angel? I fall from sky? Come to think of it, I’m an angel oh! I fell from the sky! 8-|
And it’s 4th of April….forget about the year for now!

Wana: You were born in April? No wonder… 😡
What’s your state of origin?
Cyrus: No wonder wetin?
I’m from Edo state, from the warrior tribe of the Afemais!! 😀  *gladiator soundtrack playing in the background*

Wana: Looooool… No wonder dey call you Benin Eminem…
Cyrus: Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!

Wana: Why music?
Cyrus: Why music? Ask music jor! Music chose me… I wonder why!
On the real though, I found out music was a vehicle I could use to convey everything I was feeling at any given time… Anger, pain, happiness, sadness. And Rap music, side by side with reggae, is the truest form of REAL music expression… yes, Music. 🙂

Wana: Hmmm.. So if not music, what would you be doing for kudi?
Cyrus: My dream job was to do voices for disney animations/cartoons and stuffs, then life took away the innocence… Then wanted to be a medical doctor….but I had to opt for Microbiology ’cause I always knew I’d do music…..and I was a very good footballer too…went to 2 NUGA games with the A.A.U football team, until they broke my leg in NYSC camp. 🙁

Wana: Hold on… You? Very good footballer? *holds laugh*
Cyrus: See this One oh!:O
I’m the SOLIDEST central defender that never made it into the Pros! Nothing gets past me if I’m in your defence!!! Footballs, ankles, babes 😀 …Nothing gets past me!!!!

Wana: Hahahahahaha. Benin Vidic. Nothing do you.
Cyrus: Benin vidic? More like Benin Puyol!!! Thanks a bunch!

Wana: Who’s the best artiste/producer you’ve ever worked with, and who are you looking forward to working with in the near future?
Cyrus: Best producer I’ve worked with is Tony Ross… He fully understands my direction and energy.  Then Rayconex too… But Rayconex is too stubborn!!! Producers I’d like to work with are Sossick and Sarz, cause I feel nobody has really REALLY murdered their beats. Then… Baba Olukanye Agboola West!!!!

Wana: Loooooooool… How ’bout artistes?
Cyrus: Hmmm! Artistes I wanna work with are 2face Idibia (Legendary!), Wande coal… Then abroad will be again, Baba Olukanye Agboola West, The Game, DMX…

Wana: Nice…
Away from music now… What’s your current relationship status?
Cyrus: Ayam single 😐 like the 1st track off a new album…

Wana: Loooooooool. So I fit tell girls make them forward their CVs abi?
Cyrus: Yesoo! 😀
Please don’t tell those girls that instagram and touch up their pics to apply! I don’t deal with artificial girls!  3-|
If you have a moustache, don’t apply.
If you have the “h” factor, don’t apply.
If your legs are like Ikotun egbe yams, don’t apply.
If u don’t know who Sway is, don’t apply!!!
If you are a thin model, DON’T apply.
I like my girls OVUKU, where Ovuku means plenty hips, boobs, flesh, plumpy!! 😀
‘Cause if she’s a tinigboko, where am I gonna hold on her body?

Wana: Looooooooooooooooooool
So no Ibadan girls? (sad face)
*smh* Do you believe in love?
Cyrus: Hmmm!!! The Love Question… E get as this one be oh.
Yes, I do believe in love. But love, as in true love, is rare these days… Almost not existent.

Wana: You believe you have a Mrs Right waiting out there somewhere?
Cyrus: Yup!!! My Mrs Damon-Momoh is somewhere 🙂
And she’s waiting for me to put a ring on it, pay a bride price on it… Lay the pipe on it… and leave triplets in it!! LOL (straight face).

Wana: LOOOL… Nice bars… Don’t corrupt me abeg (straight face)
Who’s your Nigerian celebrity crush?
Cyrus: My Nigerian celebrity crush… Hmmm.. That will be Omono Oboli, Kate Henshaw & Stella Damasus (Big smile)

Wana: Hmmm… You get eye.
What was the first thing you ever did for money?
Cyrus: When I was 9 years, I helped my parents trim our compound’s flowers. They gave me little stipends to teach me that it was more fulfilling to work for your money than to ask/beg.

Wana: Ah… Good pikin.
If you could be a citizen of another country, which country would it be?
Cyrus: Wait, lemme laugh at this question… BUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! =))
A lotta celebrities will say: “if I were to come to this life again, I’d be a Nigerian #proudlyNaija… NOT ME!!!!!!
I will come to this life as a Black American!!!!! I won’t lie! Let the crucifying start! After all the hardship in this country, lemme try the nationality of another country abeg!

Wana: Loooooooooooooool.
*smh* What does Damon Momoh fear the most?
Cryrus: There are two things I dread the most.
Poverty. Not being able to provide for my wife and kids and by extension, my mom, siblings and my friends.
And the second is marrying the wrong woman… ’cause that one go be humongous mistake oh! :O :]xx

Wana: Hehehehehe… True… Na very humongous mistake.
Cyrus: I dey tellz you!

Wana: If your 16 year old sef could see you now, what would he say?
Cyrus: If my 16 year old self could see me right now he’d be like: “I’m proud of you… You didn’t change your principles and values for anybody…” Then he will mutter under his breath, “Music?! Really? What happened to Medicine?!” And I’d say:” Life happened”.

Wana: Loooooooooooooooooooool. Life and its ways sha.
What part of your body/personality are you really proud of?
Cyrus: It has to be my heart. I can’t bear seeing somebody suffering. I always give even when I don’t have enough for myself, ’cause seeing that smile of appreciation from some stranger you helped, is more uplifting than all the crowns of gold on earth.

Wana: Ahhhh… So the big bad wolf has a big heart… Awwwwn.
Loooool… How sweet. Oya let’s round this up…
Imma give you some choices, and you’ll choose one… Okay?
Cyrus: Okay

Wana: 2pac or Biggie?
Cyrus: EHNNNN??? BIGGIE!!!!!

Wana: Love or your career?
Cyrus: Why can’t I choose both??? :'( …….My career sha..

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Cyrus: Dodo!!!! (Y) Even the scent of dodo can stop an alien invasion!!! Ask NASA! 8-|

Wana: You haff fall my hand 🙁 #TeamMoinMoin
Cyrus: No wonder u be like….. 😡

Wana: Waka shege!!!!
Cyrus: *dodges it, roundhouse kicks it back to sender* O:)

Wana: Thanks for the chat, Cyrus.
Cyrus: You’re welcome neega!!!! :>
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  1. Lol!!! This cyrus is a madt guy! I always enjoy his tweets so I know he isn’t forming here! One of the realest Naija artistes!

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