J.E’s PIECES OF ME: …Then Again (Poem)

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…And he was given the best head
one could ever have

…And his shoulders lifted his head high
like a candle stand would a lit candle

…And he had a heart of gold
but treasured it like Solomon’s mines

…And he had eyes of the rarest insight
but shut the entrance to his soul

…And he had lips that could provoke pleasure to the receiver
like a connoisseur without conceit

…And he had a voice of deep silk
and with it wove dreams like a troubadour.

The head reasons in mysterious ways
…then again, mysteries are intoxicating to mere mortals

The shoulders carry the weight man staggers with
…then again, his are strong, quite a sight for sore eyes

The heart every woman seeks to conquer
…then again not all mine-able hearts glitters with gold

The eyes dazzle with the rarest tint, giving signs of emotions
…then again, his eyes hold always a twinkle of mischief

The lips bare the soul of the sole speaker
…then again, his whisper the barest nothings to his woman

The voice tells who the man is
…then again, his ignites passion unknown. 

(P.S This poem was written in remembrance of that particular guy that got away)

June Ebube
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June Ebube

June Ebube

In 4 words - Confused, Lost, Crazy, Curious, In 3 words - Stinks of greatness. In 2 words - Unpredictably Intelligent. In 1 word - Creative. They say "...deeply erotic and sexual. Evoking fantasies beyond imagination...not your everyday poet. Yet flipping her over reveals another side....a talented and skilled nature decorated by a vivid imagination that turns dreams into ideas and eventually into elegant designs (www.oobejune.wordpress.com). Then again, beneath all these lies a mushy and emotional core....the source of the beauty that is June Ebube. In simple terms, she reflects the persona of a strong woman,the dream of the modern man!" No b me talk am o!


  1. BooBoo…u too write jor…didnt knw u wld get this far…i knew u were good, but not this much…i love it!
    Biko u will write my wedding vows join!

  2. Chooooiii! Bia, bubu, kwa gi ne ede this kain thing??! Making sense thing. Noice write up. So its all for the guy who got away ehn?! Why not release an album, so it will sell. Lol. Keep it up.

  3. @charles: last tym I chekd, u was yoruba, why u writing in ibo, lol..u try sha…an album..?..wld brush up on my singn lessons soon…just for him
    @enigma: I will so b @ ur weddn and b4 that dnt dare me to write a poem abt u..it wld be bloody
    @laistee: hit me up when u ready!

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