Get Familiar: Lagbaja Drops New Singles “200 Million Mumu [Parts 1 & 3]”

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Lagbaja drops another set of two mind blowing singles. This time around the groove is uplifted with serious introspective songs. Like he did with his Knock Knock Knock and 2 African Soldiers singles release late last year, it is a two-singles-in-one compact disc package.

The singles are from his forthcoming concept album that professes solutions to our societal ills. Two tracks 200 million mumu (parts 1 & 3) from the said album are contained on this single.

200 million mumu are in several parts and they confront the debilitating issues affecting us as a nation. It is easy to point accusing fingers at others as the cause of our woes. It is always other people’s fault. Never myself. That is our prevalent attitude. The leaders are often our easiest targets but recent events should teach us that the roots are deeper than that. These leaders emerge from amongst us. They are our people. They are obviously reflective of the true nature of our society.
It is quite apparent that in some way, everyone is contributing to the pervasive rot. For us to emerge from the ills threatening to drown us as a nation, we need to be truthful to ourselves and honestly examine our roles. There is no doubt that we urgently need inspired and visionary leadership but the follower-ship also has to awaken from its inertia.
On June 12 which he insists is the authentic democracy day, Lagbaja is releasing a new single challenging us all to take a honest look at ourselves and strive for positive change. Two tracks entitled 200 Million Mumu (part 1) and 200 million mumu (part 3) are part of a series and are taken from his forthcoming album which would include more sequels of 200 million mumu as well as other exciting songs. With the 200 million mumu suite, Lagbaja strikes the nail squarely on its head. Truth is bitter but we must tell ourselves the bitter truth, he says. Neither the leaders nor the followers can be absolved. After delivering the caustic truth, he ends with a patriotic chant – Naija forever.

200 million mumu (part 3) particularly adds another dimension of Lagbaja’s artistic creativity. It uses audio from an interview to deliver a dialogue that cannot but be noted for its comical ingenuity. It is a lot like what he did duetting with Fela in his work “Abami”.

Omo baba Mukomuko uses the tracks as a wake up call to fellow country men who truly know the truth but never talk or walk in it. The power for progress and positive change lies with the populace but a roguish few have capitalised on the ignorance of the multitudes. We are quick to point accussing fingers and throw uncomplimentary jabs at the elected whom we ourselves chose and voted for. If we have elected people from amongst us to represent our interests and govern us, who then is fooling who? Who is the mumu? Is it the elected or the electorate? Or could it be both? Who are the 200 million mumu? Are you unsuspectingly one of them?

Just like the warning in his track “Suurulere”, highlighting the importance of protecting our democracy, 200 million mumu is a timely series for a nation clamoring and aspiring for progress. His mask, a symbol of the facelessness of the common man in the society, continues to be used as an icon challenging the common man to truly appreciate his power and take act to correct and effect positive change. Towards the end of the song 200 million mumu part 3, he comically depicts a child asking his parents, “Papa, mama what did you do to change your lot”?. The song is a must-listen.

Lagbaja says although the full album is finished and its release is just around the corner he choses to release these two singles first. With his unapologetic frontal attack on issues of national importance, is he treading the path of the fearless Fela? Only time will tell as he seems to draw from a uniquely personal spiritual heritage. He creates a groovy mood right from the start of (part 3) till, suddenly, there is a sharp and pensive mood switch to a hymn as he prays “May God deliver us from evil”.

He urges us to challenge ourselves with the messages in these songs while awaiting the complete album itself in the very near future.

[audio:|titles=200 Million Mumu (part 1)]

  Lagbaja - 200 Million Mumu [Part 1] (4.5 MiB, 734 hits)

[audio:|titles=200 Million Mumu (part 3)]

  Lagbaja - 200 Million Mumu [Part 3] (3.7 MiB, 631 hits)




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