Coco’s Chronicles: Favourite Male Sport …Soccer or Messing Up Ladies’ Lives

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When I was growing up, one of the constant reminders I got from my mother was “Okunrin o gbadun. Omo ale ni okunrin“. Because I was very young and I still saw life as simple and easy, I wondered why she would say that. I mean come on, she was with my dad! If men were like that, why would she still be with him?

Then as I grew older I saw clearer. It was easier for me to understand as a teenager because due to some personal things I grew up pretty fast. I was emotionally mature while some of my friends were just trying to wrap their heads around stuff like that and it had its disadvantages (made me emotionally unstable in relationships) but it also made me think like men in most cases. This made me avoid loads of relationships and unserious guys that some of my mates fell prey to.

Recently, another mate of mine fell prey to another unserious guy. This saddens me whenever it happens though and I wish to God that it would stop. That guys would stop thinking playing is another fun thing next to football; and that girls would listen more carefully and run for their lives when they meet men like this.

This girl had met her guy somehow, somewhere (that is of minor importance right now) and they started dating. He looked in love and she was in love. They had dated for a while before she realised she was pregnant for this same guy. Now the thing was, she noticed she was five months gone when she realised she was preggers which is a little too late to terminate (I hope people don’t terminate after 5months though). She told her sweetheart and he seemed excited and made plans (or so she thought) for herself and their baby. She was happy that he didn’t dump her ass or accuse her of trying to “tie him down” with a child. He was different from the other guys!

Another thing to note is that this guy doesn’t stay in the country. I do NOT have anything against this type of relationship. I don’t. It might be interesting to note that my current boyfriend doesn’t stay in the country so this goes to emphasise I do not discriminate against long distance relationships. But for me in a situation where a girl falls pregnant like this one, maybe the parents, siblings and a few friends of his should know!

Yes, he might have said he’s comfortable with the whole idea but you never can be too careful with a man.

After the child was born, something strange happened, the guy deleted this girl from his BBM, blocked her from Facebook and every other medium through which they communicated. She tried his numbers but none went through.

Like I said when I heard this story, if it had happened to me – I don’t think I’d survive it. I would probably even think of committing suicide and if I’m not closely monitored, I might actually kill myself but not without stripping myself naked and cursing this guy. Yeah, sounds like a scene from a Nigerian movie but whoever has a sound mind after this?

Now this girl has suddenly become a single mother. Something she didn’t plan for. Something her mother must have constantly warned her against. She visited the guy’s mother after the baby was born (with her own mum) and they were both told by his mother that she wasn’t informed of any baby. She didn’t even call to confirm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Makes me desperately want to ask guys that do this stupid act these questions – Any reason whatsoever for this? Do you think about the future at all? And most importantly, how do you sleep at night?

For any girl out there who has suffered any terrible heartache, you will be fine. There is that special someone who will make you smile! Just hold on a bit 🙂



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  1. I rily feel sad when I see people go tru dis ideal. My advice to ladies out there-Get to know and understand ur man and where he comes from becos its very impt 4 ur relationship.

  2. how could she b pregs 4 5 months and not know?pregs isnt emergency…just sayin.let her enjoy d baby,its d best thing that can happen 2 her,believe me,am speakin 4m xperience.

  3. Well, the guy def is an ass, would get what’s coming to him
    And the girl too wasn’t smart at all..knew she had uprotected sex/should have asked to be introduced formal/informally to the fam
    Lord Knows tho
    ..hopefully she don’t go on and hate the child

  4. I notice dat most gals love bad guys even wen d signs r der 4 dem to see … Wateva d guys give to dem dey shud be ready to accept it

  5. That guy is just a bastard. But ur a liar too. 5months without knowing… We both know its impossible. 2months at most. 3months in very extreme cases.

    1. Some people actually still menstruate all thru the 9months pregnancy and some peoples stomachs dont show. you need to hear real life stories. theres a show on DSTV titled ‘i didnt know i was pregnant’. i just confirmed on its on channel 172 showing at 8:50pm on thursdays and fridays. most of them just end up having cramps, they rush to the hospital and they are told there and then that they are in labour.

      i personally know of a girl who was 5months preggy and didnt know. she had something doing in the hospital and that was when she was told she was 5months gone.

  6. i don’t like the stress of commenting on blogs but 5 months?! Didn’t she notice her stomach getting bigger? Or her missing periods? Or is this fiction as usual?

    1. Some people actually still menstruate all thru the 9months pregnancy and some peoples stomachs dont show. you need to hear real life stories. theres a show on DSTV titled ‘i didnt know i was pregnant’. i think its on channel 173. most of them just end up having cramps, they rush to the hospital and they are told there and then that they are in labour.

  7. Amaka, I totally agree with U. If its worth committing urself to, then its worth taking time to know the person u’re with thoroughly.
    Q, the worst things happen when we do not expect or seem prepared. She prob saw signs she dismissed!

  8. The cranky smurfette I can’t help but agree!
    Olamide B, yeah guys would always be guys but we can make sure we watch our backs and see things mor deeply, beyond d surface.
    Lamba, u’l be surprised @ how careless and non challant some pple are abt these things.
    Da Guvnor, hmm not all girls go out with the intention of loving bad boys. Some of them are actually careful and still fall prey to these bad bois
    TKA isn’t it amazing dt u accuse me of lying about somthn ds serious? Y would I lie? To impress u? I know ds girl and a close friend of hers shared ds if u have problems believing it, keep it to urself. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  9. 2months, 5months? Wouldnt have made a difference is she is pro-life.

    Bottom line a baby was on the way, the fellow should have been honest so that she could make informed decisions.

  10. I’m kute(mama said so) buh I’m nt in2 playin though…bt i’v cum 2realize dah kutenezz iz d main tool 4 playin d game though i hate it n i wish every guy waz lyk me….bt Coco,d gurlz r playerz 2…. Tll me u’v played no body

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