360SUBMISSIONS: The little I CAN DO by Eby Obiechina

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Growing up, I said the prayer for Nigeria in distress every time I went for Mass. I didn’t know the magnitude of problem we had in Nigeria then, but I know it wasn’t as bad as the situation now. Even a 4year old kid can describe the horrible situation we are facing in Nigeria.

I remember listening to the radio 96.9 Cool FM one afternoon (yh I still listen to BennyArc via the internet*addict*) and this little child calls in on one of the programs, she was asked to make a wish, and she said ‘I wish for a Nigeria where there is no bombing every day, I pray mummy and daddy can smile when watching the news’ that statement killed me. The kid didn’t sound a day older than seven, she was asked to make a wish , didn’t wish for a pony for a Disneyland holiday like a normal child , but carried the burden of her country on her little shoulders and wished for a better Nigeria. That goes to say how much we are in need of IMPROVEMENT.

The question is where does the problem lie????????

I have been praying for Nigeria since I was able to pray (yep mummy and the church made us do it).  Does it mean there is no God or like the joke goes He is tired of listening to nagging Nigerians. Maybe we are covered by so much sin that St. Peter pushed our request far back on the list, but then we Nigerians know how to cut lines, so we should be at the forefront hehehehhe. But maybe that’s where our problem lies.

We have over five thousand churches in Nigeria yet our problems haven’t been solved yet. I think we should stop and think: maybe, just maybe we are the problem, and don’t think I am talking about the corrupt politicians’ no, I am talking to you, yes you.

Okay let’s start with me, Ebeee typical  Nigerian, goes to church almost every day (goody –two –shoes LOL) prays for Nigeria*wink* then heads to the bank Oceanic Bank to be precise, you can imagine the Loooooong line there. I smile and charm my way to the front of the line (yayyyy).  Some call that using what you have, to get what you want.  THAT is corruption ‘go to the back of the line.

Okay so I get my money and head to Wuse car park going to Gwags, ahhhh another long line of people all waiting for AC bus. Just as I am about to go to the end I see Ama and Bummi in front…

Me: Hey guys
Them: Sweeties how u dey na?

We do this till I get into the bus, it’s that easy besides they are my friends na. I get to permanent site (University of Abuja) and pay 10K to get my transcript a process that is supposed to be free by the way. This goes on and on with almost every action in the day, tells you how corrupt we all are.

As humans, we are faced with these corrupt decisions every day and we take them because they are the easy way out. We then blame it on our leaders and “the country’s situation”. How do you think those politicians get corrupt? It starts from small processes like these, which becomes habits and grows into something bigger than just bypassing (or shunting) lines.

I had a lecture with a Welsh man Chief Davis Dai, who by the way has been to Nigeria like a ga zillion times, even has a chieftaincy title LOL. He said and I quote ’Nigeria is not a horrible place like the media makes it to be , she has a diverse culture with people who are friendly and kind to me and each other maybe it’s because I am an oyinbo (Laughs) however, I have only one problem with Nigerians, AFRICAN TIME’ .

I am going to end this piece with this. Try showing up for your next appointment on time. Follow due process; it may not pay off in the short run but it definitely counts in the long run.

Parents train your children to do the right thing, I know you do these things because you love us but we are the leaders of tomorrow. The past generation have a made a mess of our country but we have a duty to clean it up.

My name is Eby Obiechina and this is the beginning of the little I CAN DO.



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  1. hmmn… Beautiful write up, nd the kid that called on 96.9, i think i ws tuned on that day; she’s my cousin anyway ;). Truth is, we are NIGERIA nt the politicians or evn the govt. we all hv 2 do the lil we can… Beautiful piece once again.

  2. Nice write-up. I think we’re beginning to use our brains now because of how our seemingly smart acts of yesterday have come back to haunt us one way or the other. It’s a matter of time before our generation takes over the affairs of our country, how sure are we that we won’t carry out worse crimes than what is being done now. It’s one thing to preach, it’s another to practice what you preach. Let’s learn to be diligent in little things because that’s the only way we’ll be able to be faithful when faced with a huge task. God save Nigeria.

  3. Nice write up dear,you did a good job,Like your oyinbo said,African time is killing us in naija,he is very correct; may God help our Nation Nigeria. You did well keep it up.

  4. Very luvly piece! It all starts with each and every1 of us.No msg can be clearer if u want to make Nigeria a better place just take a look at yourself and make a change. Thats why am starting with me (hoping it’ll last). God Bless Nigeria!

  5. Nice one Ebee,u re right it all starts wit each nd everyone of us,if we re ready to make a change or difference nigeria will b a better place for us.it is well wit us nd our country.

  6. They say charity begins at home, so also does corruption as shown in your work. A lot of us have thought about this several times in our minds but yet let it slip each time we are suppose to implement it. I quite agree, it is time for a change, the future of our country lies in our hands #leadersoftomorrow

  7. Thanks for all the comments. We all need to start with a little effort. Let us be the change we need. thank you 360nobs for passing the message across.

  8. Wow! A vey enlightening nd inspiring piece. This is exactly the kinda stuff we need to see in our national gazettes, instead of articles apportioning blame on the government and it’s officials. Nice one, Bee.

  9. Eby, truth said. You have just said one collective problem perculiar to Nigeria. My transcript costs 20k per school. I also attended the lecture the Welsh man Chief Davis Dai (white man) titled ‘Who Be The Mogu’ talking about Nigerians as the ones who has has allowed the country to deteriorate to its present state.

    However, we don’t have to wait for the next generation to correct things. We have to start with ourselves basically coming to terms with our individual mistakes and make necessary efforts to avoid them next time. I personally have made mistakes in the past and now I do little things within my capacity to help move my country forward.

    We should all be strive to be patriotic Nigerians and let the past be by-gone. We can’t really keep looking up to the future yet holding on to be past so I recommend Eby’s ‘the little I CAN DO’ concept to all Nigerians.

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