360News: From UNILAG to MAU …Students Clash With Police

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The Nigerian Police Force has been called in to prevent more Students’ protests following the University of Lagos refusal to close the school down as advised by the Government after 3days of protesting the name change of the 50 year old institution.

The clash came as a detachment of policemen tried to prevent the students from heading to the streets to register their anger at the renaming of the institution.

The policemen stayed at the gate ordering the crowd to disperse but when the students did not budge, the policemen then fired teargas to forcefully disperse the students.

However, the students only retreated briefly before returning to the gate.

Contrary to the reports making the rounds, sources say the girl who was said to be shot only fainted from the tear gas smell.

UNILAG Students had yesterday defied security operatives and directed the convoy taking V.C. Shofoluwe’s body to take over the Herbert Macaulay way, and they occupied it until the convoy slowly reached the All Saints Church, montgomery, Yaba, Lagos.

While the funeral service went on in the Church, Students continued their protest against the change of institution’s name by president Jonathan.

Video comes courtesy Sahara TV



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