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Hello  dapper individuals, the story of the mistake turned fashion trend is not new in the fashion industry and this is one example: The Patched Elbows!

These have been out for a while but I thought they were a trend fling, i.e they would leave after the spring season but it seems to me that these days no one wants to stop patching their elbows lol. Fashion apparel with patched elbows include sweaters, sleeved T-shirts, cotton buttoned shirts e.t.c but I am particularly drawn to the most common patched item which is the blazer.

The patch on the  elbows of blazers is the attempt of fashion designers to add a certain rough. edgy, scruffy but fashionable touch to the formal look of blazers and if you ask me? I think the attempt was a huge success!

Picking Out Your Patched Blazer

When picking out these blazers you should remember that it is all in the fit! The blazers shouldn’t be so tight to the extent where the under arm part starts crumbling in struggle for air and neither should it be free and oversized;  your blazer should grip you firmly but comfortably and in the case of these patched ones, you would want the patched part on the arms of the blazer to rest right on your elbows stretching a little above and below your elbow area(Depending on the size of the patch) . If the patch is on your upper arm, then it is too damn tight and if it’s on your lower arm, below your elbow it is not your size and you’re probably swimming in it. <<<<Remember this!

Pairing it up with apparels and accessories

Below is something synonymous to a lookbook with a few tips for the patched blazer:

Patterned blazers raise the edginess of the elbow patches a notch higher

use similar patterns as the elbow patch for your pocket square or tie (if the patch is patterned)

another example of a patterned elbow patch, to make this dapper, wear a shirt with the same pattern and a contrasting tie

pick a neutral coloured patched patterned blazer (btw checkered patterns are in trend) and pair it with an extremely contrasting shirt like the above one where brown is the neutral colour and red is the contrasting colour.colours are in trend this summer so try to search for elbow patches


As you can see the above picture is a suit and the blazer has a patched elbow so yes you can wear patched elbows to work but it depends in the colour, you might not to wear red if you work in a bank, keep the patch neutral but stylish if being worn to work


I Recommend This Full Outfit

Wear To Get Them

  •  Topman
  • Asos
  • Paul Smith
  • Zara Man

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