360Men’s Fashion: Colour Your Soles!!

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First I have to apologize for my inconsistency, especially when I’m trying to create a rapport with you men out there! Hope you guys find it in your hearts to forgive, because I’m here now CONSISTENTLY!

So summer is here and apart from the different summer style collections out this season, I am particularly drawn to footwear! Somehow people tend to focus more on apparel than on shoes, whereas I believe footwear have a very strong power over an outfit, because they can make a not too good looking outfit and break a very good looking outfit; it’s all in the fashion sense!

This time I was particularly drawn to the brogues with colourful soles, they are formal and classy yet casual and fun, they are perfect for the summer. In the fashion world, when we think summer we think bright colours especially now that colour blocking is now in trend and as men, this is one of the best ways to express your colourful fashion senses; COLOUR YOUR SOLES!


  • You wouldn’t want to pair the coloured soles with a suit. The footwear is strictly casual, although some people pull it off, if you were to wear it with a suit, the pants should be cropped to end right on your ankle bone so the beauty of the shoes can show and pair the colour of the brogues and its sole colour with the appropriate suit colour and hue; use your colour senses and be creative, nothing wrong with taking a bit of fashion risk.
  • Although risks could be taken, coloured sole style brogues are best worn with cropped bottoms. And the best materials are denim (coloured or not) and khakis, and then the best styles are cropped shorts but the cropped pants also work well.
  • Don’t be afraid to colour block stylishly, if you have coloured soles why not pair it with some coloured apparel!

So those are some tips on how these coloured soled brogues are worn, below is a look book of the shoes.






TheyAlso Come in Loafers and Moccassins


How People Wore Them

Where You can Get Them

I’m not too sure about the Nigerian stores but i’m sure there are dealers in these style of shoes, I will list the best places I know to get these and if you really need the Nigerian contacts let me know in the comment box! 😀

Get some this summer!








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  1. Hi Nobs,
    Am the chic that sells male shoes.ur peeps can holla for all kinds of shoes including the coloured loafers&slip-ons .
    Take care

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