360Download: Fly Mc – Flight Mode

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Aboje Robert Omoha better known as Fly MC, is a Nigerian rapper-songwriter. He was born in Benue State, Nigeria but grew up in the federal capital territory of Abuja where he attended secondary school and later went to college in Manchester, England. He is currently studying Business and Administration in the United States.

Fly MC style was largely shaped by listening to compelling artists such as Nas, Naughty by Nature, and his older brother, Victor Omoha aka Phylosophy, better known with the 2002 underground hip hop group “The Mic Checkers” –in other news, Phylosophy currently has a mixtape out called “The Move On”.

The first major break for Fly MC came in 2008 from his hit single I’m So Fly. Later in 2010, he released Ice Cream. Both became smashing hits on Nigeria’s top independent internet and FM radio stations. He has performed alongside P.Square, 9ice, Jesse Jags and most recently in Nigeria, Wiz Kid and UK’s Dotstar. At the moment, he’s focused on pursing a degree at Edinboro University and at the same time entertaining his fans, so stay chuned has he grabs that degree and he drops that album.

Here’s his 17-track mixtape so, Hit Download, Press ► for he is the flyest MC of ’em all

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