360Chats with Mo Eazy As He Prepares to Thrill Fans At The One Mic Show #OneMicJune

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Another #OneMicNaija this way comes with an exciting #OneMicJune line up.

Here at 360Nobs, we like to find out from the performers what makes them tick before we then see them live!

Real Name

My real name is Moses Agboola

What are you currently up to

I am currently recording, producing and writing for myself and others.

Where do you feel freer: stage, studio, anywhere else

I feel free both on stage and in studio, I love performing and in studio, I love trying out new sounds and working with talented people.

What do you find frustrating about the Nig. Music Industry (if anything)

At present I don’t think I’ve found anything frustrating, I just think we still have a lot to develop on and in due time I pray we do.

What was your first time on a stage like?

My first time on stage was nerve racking,just before going on stage I had all the weird scary feelings u can imagine, but I remember telling myself, once all eyes are on you, its up to you to go for it or flaw it, and till today I still tell myself that.
It was at a talent show in my secondary school in london.

What are you expecting from the One Mic Naija experience?

I’m expecting to gain an unplugged, intimate, live feeling experience.

Just between You and Us, what should the audience expect from you at the event?

The audience should expect a great,unplugged Eazy show!

For a fresh act, you seem to have a following,especially with social media. can you give tips for your fellow artistes�

My advise and tips would be to do promo on social media’s, and carry your followers along with regular updates. That way they can/will share your talent with their friends and colleagues.

There you have it folks!
He’s Mo Eazy and will be live at #OneMicJune on Sunday 24th!

Sunday 24th
Browns’ Cafe, Oduduwa Crescent, GRA, Ikeja

F: www.facebook.com/OneMicNaija

T: www.twitter.com/OneMicNaija



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