360Chats With Dark Poet As He Gets Ready to Tear It Down At The One Mic Show #OneMicJune

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Another #OneMicNaija this way comes with an exciting #OneMicJune line up.

Here at 360Nobs, we like to find out from the performers what makes them tick before we then see them live!

Real Name

Femi Odukoya!

What are you currently up to?

Currently I’m working on my debut album titled “Celebrity Status“; I also just released a 12track mix-tape a couple days ago, so yea! I’ll say right now it’s all about the music.

Where do you feel freer: stage, studio, anywhere else?

Naturally Im a free kinda guy, it’s only normal I feel free amongst fam! so most times it’s in the studio or the crib

What do you find frustrating about the Nigerian Music Industry (if anything)?

Well it’s kind of annoying that after so much effort, the hip-hop culture hasn’t quite evolved like we rappers will want it to, the Nigerian industry is very one sided and it’s frustrating to see that only a small portion of people are getting the big bucks… but I guess with time, things will change!

What was your first time on a stage like?

Wow that was a while ago! but I remember being very anxious and scared before I got on, sweaty palms, shaking, etc but soon as I got on! it disappears

What are you expecting from the One Mic Naija experience?

Well I’m expecting to have a great time! this will be my first time performing with a live band so we gon rock it!
Just between You and Us, what should the audience expect from you at the event?

Well I’ll be performing a single from my forth coming album and a song from my just released mix-tape, and they gon be different from what you heard on wax, so expect surprises

You work on radio and co-host a weekly live show. Do you think this gives you an advantage or puts you at a disadvantage?

Well it goes both ways, working on radio is as difficult as any normal job, and you were hired for the job not as a rapper, so contrary to what people think, you won’t have that much time to push your own songs! you’ll be too busy helping others, the only advantage is you are in-house and things work a lot faster, the weekly live show helps me keep my lyrical side on check, give me more time to practice on stage, so that’s definitely a plus

It’s his first time performing with a live band so this should be fun to see!

June 24th
Browns’ Cafe, Oduduwa Crescent, Ikeja
Gatefee: N1000
F: www.facebook.com/onemicnaija
T: @onemicnaija
E: onemicnaija@gmail.com

It seems like just a few weeks ago that One Mic Naija, the fastest growing live artiste showcase in Nigeria, was giving us good music, live but it in a few days, they will be doing more of that as #OneMicJune comes around!

This time, One Mic Naija returns to the Mainland, where as the organisers explain, some of the shows this year will hold. Browns’ Cafe, the home of One Mic Naija on the mainland will once again come alive on Sunday June 24th as rappers, singers and more perform with the excellent One Mic Naija band!

The artistes on the bill for this edition are

Rapper and Wax Lyrical co-host, DARK POET.  Real name, Femi Odukoya, Dark Poet can be heard on Dagrin’s album and has three singles from his debut album out plus a new mixtape (Unmixed) recently released.

Makiller (M.A.K) is a 300 level undergraduate of the University of Lagos but is passionate about music. He can be heard on Ex-O’s mixtape ‘Hip hop Speaks’ on the track ‘The coalition’ and on M.I’s ‘Illegal Music 2’ on ‘Eyes’.

Maytronomy is signed to Effyzzie Music Group. He is not only a rapper who sings, but he is also a fantastic songwriter, having written songs for artistes like Faye, Waje, Praize and Yemi Alade.

Mo Eazy is signed to Darey’s Soul Muzik. His single ‘ko soro’ has made an impact on radio and he recently shot a video for it. He is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and performing artiste.

Saeon describes herself as sexy-tough, sassy-burlesque! An amazing vocalist and hardworker, she has covered Brymo’s “Ara’’, worked on several songs including ‘London’ with Phizzle and has released ‘Lie’ featuring Flowsick.

Other performers are, the winner of Top Radio’s Next Top Talent competition and this month’s headliner, EVA

Next Top Talent competition on Top Radio seeks to find a talented artiste who gets to work with Vector on a remix of their song, gets free production courtesy Kollo Music, a video directed by Akin Alabi films, and performs at One Mic Naija

EVA is Trybe Records latest signee. A rapper/entertainer, creative writer, fashion designer and blogger, prolific and talented Eva will be performing some of her hit songs as well as unreleased material at #OneMicJune

With this blend, One Mic Naija promises to deliver another excellent evening out and the ticket prices remain the same- N1000. There will, as usual, also be an Open Mic session supported by Coldflames Production and LG Electronics.

One Mic Naija is a WePlugGoodMusic initiative, powered by M_et_al and s.h.a.r.e and supported by 360Nobs, abisona.com, Coldflames Productions, #Dearartiste, Effyzzie Clothing, i-CR8 Media, LG Electronics, NET, OloriSuperGal, Top Radio 90.9 and Rainbow F.M.

For more information

T: www.twitter.com/OneMicNaija

F: www.facebook.com/OneMicNaija

W: www.OneMicNaija

E: onemicnaija@gmail.com



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