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Over the weekend amidst all the fun time and events, a certain video came into light and shattered all the fun. i have seen a lot of videos, sextapes but NO,I have not seen something like this before…EVER!!

A lot of people have had to put their wonderful kids in the hands of their “TRUSTED” house helps and maids, the story is about to change now. If you have been raised by an house help that did not touch you in a wrong way or sexually abuse you,then you are really lucky.

A lot of parents go to work and can face their business with peace of mind and focus becuase they ‘think’ their children (whom are part of the reasons they work hard) are in good hands…their house helps!

How else can we explain an 11 year old house help having raw sex with a 4 year old boy?! it happened in Warri last Friday and the video has since gone viral. the video shows how the girl manipulated the boy into doing a lot of rubbish that even some adults dont do. Where did the girl see all the stuffs he did to to the poor boy?

This video has just proven that a lot of things happen when parents are not around and leave their children in the hands of local house helps. This calls for extra ettention when you want to employ that house help. PLEASE employ a professional house help.

TRUE STORY: a friend of mine narrated a story of someone that had his 16 year old house maid tested for HIV and other diseases…sounds too extreme u say? ok,other people thought he was going too far too…but the result showed that the ‘innocent,young househelp’ had HIV and a number of sexually transmitted diseases!!!

Now tell me,what if the girl in this video had a killer disease? what if she has succeeded in transmitting  HIV  to that young boy and has given him his deah sentence? what if she does this to all of the kids you leave in her care ? what if the  house girl you trust so much does this to your kids?

Please its time to look critically into the house help you employ.



The 6 o"clock man.

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  1. I understand you really want to write something about that vid. Firstly the girl in that video is just 11 and a minor, she is an underage. Have you wondered about the person making the said video? The 11 year old girl is just a victim of child labour and sexual exploitation. The girl and 4year old are both victims. There is a paedophile making that video and distributing it for willing viewers, even you seeing the video is enough for you to be in jail as a person watching child pornography.

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